Digital Electromagnetic Health Scan at Integrated Health Centre (IHC)

As the saying goes, health is wealth and a healthy body and mind can bring you a long way, give you more time to spend with your loved ones, look good even as you age and travel! When was the last time you went for a full body health screening? I went for a health scan that is a totally new experience. In just 1.5 minutes, a health scan device at IHC at City Square Mall gave me a full body scan that showed me things about my health that I didn’t even realise.

Integrated Health Centre (IHC) is your one stop holistic health provider offering a range of treatments to compliment conventional medical treatment and are designed to optimise blood sugar levels, heart, brain and all aspects of general health. There are even medical practitioners to assist you when necessary.

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IHS (Bio Energetics)
Elo (by Elo Mart)

I did a Digital Electromagnetic Scan and all I needed was 1.5 minutes to get a 99 page report of my whole body with just these little pads you see here pasted on my hands! Super high-tech, very fast and non-invasive at all! This technology detects and measures the electromagnetic frequencies of specific tissues and organs then compares these with the data bank analysis seen across both healthy and diseased states.

A consultant was assigned to go through each point on my 99 page report to explain what each of the coloured bar means, what kinds of vitamins I’m lacking in, how much rest I need and what I can do to improve my health through simply changing my diet and exercise. Some of my notable points are my eyes (need more rest from this computer), radiation (from the phone), less fried food (oops), more exercise (to regulate my breathing pattern) and I need more hydration, pro-biotics and omega.

It’s amazing how much I learned about my body in such a short time especially highlighting areas that require more attention and how I can better care for myself. Thank you IHC!

Integrated Health Centre, 107 North Bridge Road, Funan Mall, #04-13, Singapore 179105
Tel: +65 6634 0410

Opening Hours:
1000 – 1900 (Mon – Sat)
(Closed on Sundays)

Integrated Health Centre (IHC)
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