Luxurious Chocolate Cupcakes from Naked Cakes

Fancy having some delectable chocolate cupcakes while enjoying a good read? How about healthy vegan and gluten-free ones?

These Midnight Lux Cupcakes are the ultimate chocolate decadence! Made with rice milk, flaxseeds instead of eggs, molasses instead of processed sugar and avocado instead of butter, it’s a healthy and guilt-free treat – no animal products, gluten or calories! See these petals and goldflakes sprinkled on the cupcakes? They are edible and they go so well with the smooth vegan-friendly chocolaty goodness!Price: SGD $18 (Box of 4)
Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Avocadoes, Flaxseed, Rice Milk, Coconut Milk, Corn Flour, Tapioca Flour, Cocoa Powder, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Cane Sugar (Molasses).


  1. Enjoy it at room temperature. Once the chocolate ganache layer softens to an almost melty stage, dig in!
  2. Simply pop it in the oven (160 degrees for 5 minutes) or microwave oven (20 seconds on high) to enjoy a choclate lava cake version!


  • Highly recommend to finish it the day you receive them.
  • If unfinished, keep it refridgerated for 3 days at most.
  • Cling wrap/seal the box well so that they won’t dry out.

Despite it not having the tradional ingredients you would put into making a chocolate cake, you wouldn’t know it has avocados in them. In fact, it tastes like luxurious dark chocolate or even better, with just the right consistency, not too sweet, not too heavy and looks beautiful too what with petals and gold flakes you can consume! It’s like they’re made for fairies! Perfect for parties, picnics and daydreaming.

Naked Cakes, 463 Crawford Lane, #02-21, Singapore 190463
Tel: +65 9726 7922

Collection Hours:
1000 – 1700 (Mon – Fri)
Strictly by appointment.

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Naked Cakes

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