A Hypnotherapy Session with Lee McKing

“What, did I read this right, you went for hypnotherapy? You mean there is such a thing? I thought it only happens in the movies!”. It exists right here in Singapore and you’ll be quite surprise how sought after these sessions are. No, hypnotherapy and counseling are not just for crazies. With our highly stressful working environment and the rising levels of depression, anxiety and social problems, more and more people are looking to seek help for their mental well being.

I was recommended by a friend to go for a session with Lee McKing, a hypnotist in Singapore who has been interviewed by a number of media and press such as The Newpaper, Asian Entrepreneur, Vanilla Luxury and more. I decided to give it a try although I was a little nervous understandably since it was my first time being, well, hypnotised. Will I be asleep? Will I be drifted into a past life? Will I meet with the memory of certain people I’ve blocked out?

For the longest time, I always thought of hypnotherapy as going into a deep sleep after looking into swinging pocket watch (damn you Hollywood) but it’s really not what I thought it was, lol. Here are some of the questions I cleared with McKing and my personal experience with hypnotherapy.

What is the difference between Hypnotherapy and Counseling?
It is actually quite similar except that hypnotherapy taps into your unconscious mind while counseling is more conscious. From experience, counseling will require you to go through a number of sessions while conversational hypnotherapy usually takes on average 15-20 minutes, unless it’s a fear from a past trauma then it will take you a little longer.

What is the difference between Traditional and Conversational Hypnotherapy?
Traditional Hypnotherapy is well known for the long and deep sleep while you lie on some kind of couch. McKing uses Conversational Hypnotherapy which is time and cost effective because you need not go back for as many sessions. In most cases, all it takes is at most an hour (during my session) to find out and resolve your innermost issues and you need not lie on a couch and go into a deep sleep if thats what you’re worried about.

What are the benefits of Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy brings you right into the unconscious mind. Although most of us resolve issues on a conscious level, which works too, it usually takes more time, so hypnotherapy is time effective. It also helps you feel completely relaxed and resolves behavioural and/or deep seated issues. Many of our issues are hidden in our unconcious mind and hypnotherapy is a great way to clear any mental blockage and bring out your inner motivation.

McKing’s clients go to him mostly for emotional issues such as anxiety, low self esteem, anger management, stress, post traumatic stress disorder, emotional breakups and fears. McKing also helps with other issues including behavioural issues such as habits and procrastination, career blockages, clearing the mind to get extra focus and concentration (especially with kids) and more.

What was the Hypnosis experience with McKing like?
After sharing a bit about my life to McKing, he suggested tapping into my unconcious mind to forgive certain people. He informed me that during my unconcious state, I may meet people from my past or present and some I may not expect to show up which I was quite nervous about. He gave me some time to think about it and to let him know when I’m ready to go through with it which is a very thoughful gesture. To forgive those who’ve caused certain traumatic experiences is a difficult decision to make.

Through my session with McKing, which took about an hour, I managed to find out where and how I got my sudden explosive rages from and I was really surprised because they were incidents in my past that I have long forgotten which indirectly affected me for decades. I also got to forgive certain people from my past and present; people I did not expect my mind needed to forgive! One of them was a figure from my childhood whom I loved very dearly.

After waking from the session, it felt like waking up from a dream and I felt lighter and more enlightened somewhat. I finally found the answers to where one of my biggest fears stem from, my behavioural issues and forgiveness all in an hour which is just, wow

Would you recommend going through Hypnosis with McKing?
I think everyone should go for hypnosis, it’s not just limited to people with behavioral issues and past trauma. We go to the doctor when our body is unwell, why should our mind be left out? If anything, our mind is one of the most important parts of our body and well-being! And if it takes at most 1 session for at most an hour of your time, why not? Besides that, it’s safe to say that McKing is like a friend I can trust now.McKing in his signature vest and his published books! If you’d like a hypnotherapy session with him, you can find out more about him and his work on his website and social media channels.

Facebook: Lee McKing The Hypnotist
Instagram: @leemckingthehypnotist

Lee McKing

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