Treatment for Endometriosis

I’ve received some questions from concerned friends asking what medication I take with regards to endometriosis. So I thought I’ll cover what medications I’ve been prescribed with and the side effects I have experienced.

I’ve been taking Birth Control Pills prescribed by my gynaecologist for some time now to supress cysts from growing back again. It is I guess, the most common choice of medication because it is the more affordable of the lot. I was given 3 choice of medications to choose from and I’ve tried them all so let me go through each of them and share my experience. But first, allow me to highlight that I am not a doctor, I’m only sharing my experience. It is best you check with your gynae for a professional opinion.

The Jab – I was given a jab right before I was discharged after my surgery. It is said that the jab is the most effective in terms of preventing the growth of cysts and medication. 1 jab last for 6 months. I was given another jab 6 months later so in total, I went with the jab for a year. The side-effects? Almost none. In fact, I can’t remember feeling agitated or any form of fatigue. So why did I stop after a year? It cost whopping $400+ per jab. I’m not able to afford going through with it for the rest of my life. And even if I could afford it, the gynae’s advice is not to take more than 2 jabs subsequently as I’ll need my body to function regularly without it and start menstruating. So I went off it after the second jab.

Visanne – Let me start by saying that I chose to go with Visanne after the jabs because I was told by my gynae that it works as prevention from cysts and medication. So I figured it was the less expensive alternative to the jab. I’ve also learned that it is the latest of the 3 choices given and most women preferred Visanne because you can expect to get your period while it still prevents cysts from growing. So I took them. Oh dear. I went into what seemed like permanent menopausal-like period. I had regular hot flashes. I was extremely irritable. I felt my body aching from fatigue almost everyday. And my period never came. The side effects was taking a toll on me so I requested to go off it and switch to the only other option left…

Birth Control Pills – I was honestly dreading this because I remembered the side effects I experienced when I took these after my previous surgery in 2010. These pills made me feel sick. I felt nauseous and wanted to throw up all the time. I felt like I was going crazy because I became extremely emotional and started lashing out at anyone who ticked me off. To a point where certain people claimed I was possessed. It was a low point in my life and I was afraid to go back to taking them again. But I had to for my own good. Birth Control Pills are meant to be taken on a 3week cycle but in my case, I have to take them daily till we decide to go through with IVF.

So these are the 3 types of medications that I’ve been prescribed with to help supress the growth of cysts. As far as I know, these are the only 3 types that are available now as compared to what was around 6 years ago. May be there may be new methods in the next years to come? At the meantime, I hope this has been helpful,  you beautiful ladies take your medications and stay strong. Till the next entry.

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