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  • Treatment for Endometriosis

    Treatment for Endometriosis

    I’ve received some questions asking what medication I take with regards to endometriosis so I thought I’ll cover what medications I’ve been prescribed with and the side effects I have experienced in this post. I’ve been taking Birth Control Pills prescribed by my gynaecologist for some time now to supress cysts from growing back again.…

  • 5 Stupid Myths About Endometriosis

    5 Stupid Myths About Endometriosis

    Endometriosis is more common than most of us think but not much is known about it. And when not much is known about something, it leads to speculation. Some will even form their own theory on the subject. Here we have my Bitmoji in a unicorn suit to represent the myths and some of the…

  • My Struggle with Endometriosis

    My Struggle with Endometriosis

    I am in the advance stage of Endometriosis. “Endo what?“, you might ask. For those who have never heard of this condition, let me try my best to explain it in my own words. Please note that I am not a doctor, so don’t get pissy if I don’t get some medical terms right. It…

  • Acne Face Map: Your Skin’s Cry for Help

    Acne Face Map: Your Skin’s Cry for Help

    Do you find that you always break out at the same areas on your face? Mine is always around the cheeks, nose and recently I get little blocked pores around my mouth area. Living in Asia and having a lot of Chinese friends, I hear a lot of pantangs (superstition), Chinese folklore (which I have…

  • Things Every Girl Should Know

    Here is a list of things I’ve learned from life so far.  I wish to share them with as many girls as possible. Feel free to print it out and save it to your favourites. Like and subscribe to support.

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