Sterra Breeze Air Purifier

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier Review

Did you know that air purifiers are a staple in most Singaporean households? Studies have shown that indoor air can be twice more polluted than outdoor air. Since we are now more cautious about the air we breathe, we do not want to take any chances especially when it comes to our family and our home.

Our little dog, Baeley, is allergy-prone and if you’re a paw-parent like us, you would understand how concerned we are for her health and well-being. I always do my research and check the ingredient list of any household products before we make a purchase. Strong cleaning detergents and essential oils that can be potentially harmful to dogs are out of the question. I also tend to my plants every morning and avoid any toxic chemical pesticides at all cost as I am terrified of the harm it will cause to us. Despite all these measures, I still worry – is my home really safe from any micro-organisms and deadly chemicals that are in the air?

On top of the pandemic and spending more time at home, we decided to put our worries at ease and add the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier as a staple to our household.


Why Sterra Breeze Air Purifier?

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier Review

The Sterra Breeze Air Purifier is ranked Singapore’s No.1 hospital-grade Air Purifier that eliminates deadly viruses, smoke, and air contaminants. It’s so powerful, it is able to fully clean the air for a 4-room HDB flat (80 m2) and even purifies air in areas with poor ventilation because of its aerodynamic design that allows for 360° air purification.

Filtering System

With my plant collection, regularly cooking, constantly mopping/wiping/dusting and our dog, Baeley, having free reign of the house, it all sounds like a lot of airborne contaminants. The Sterra Breeze Air Purifier eliminates up to 99.97% of all airborne pollutants at home using medical-grade True H13 HEPA Filter to fully clean your air at home.

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier gets rid of all airborne contaminants

The filter traps 99.95% of all particles including allergens, hair, fur, pet dander, skin flakes, textile fibre, dust, dust mites, pollen & spores, fungus, harmful chemicals, viruses, bacteria and volatile organic compound and uses TotalCleanse Filter System to keep these allergens and airborne contaminants from getting into your system.

  1. Pre-filter sieves out largest particles from the air such as hair, dust, lint, and fur.
  2. Activated Charcoal neutralises odours in the air and absorbs harmful formaldehyde.
  3. H13 True HEPA Filter gets rid of micron particles in the air and blocks allergens such as pollen, animal dander and dust mites.
Sterra Breeze Air Purifier Review

It comes with a built-in Filter Replacement Reminder so you will be notified when it’s time to replace your filter which is easily accessible and works effectively for 1 ½ years. You only need to replace the HEPA filters and easily change it on your own.

Easy Control and Functions

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier Review

You can either control your Sterra Breeze Air Purifier manually or through the Smart Life App available on Google Play and Apple Store even while you’re away from home. Either way, instructions are very straight-forward, clear and simple making it so convenient and efficient.

I love that it works so quietly too that I can switch it on while we are all asleep at night. It also has a night light toggle for a soothing, calming light that you can simply switch on. We get such a peaceful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed with no noise disturbances and clean air while we rest.

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier Review

Adjust the mode according to your preference and how long you would like the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier to work for. It’s literally that simple!

Sleek and Compact Design

I really like how compact the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier is and how seamlessly it fits into tight spaces around our home. I dislike bulky equipment that take up too much of my floor space and detest having my path blocked so choosing the size and design of household devices are some of my top priorities.

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier Review

Do you have a room or space in your home that has poor ventilation and doesn’t have much sunlight shining through (*hint storeroom)? All you need is to bring it there and connect it to a plugging station and it will work it’s magic.

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier Review

The Sterra Breeze Air Purifier is not only sleek, it’s light weight and has a handle conveniently located at the top to easily carry it from one space to another on my own without having to fumble about or even bend much which is great news to my back too!

Are we enjoying the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier?

I never knew what a difference an Air Purifier can make to our home until we got our Sterra Breeze Air Purifier. I no longer worry about air-borne allergens, flu, odours after cooking, dark musty corners, pollen and our dog. Clean air definitely beats trying to mask any unpleasant smells with essential oils and air fresheners.

With it’s low electricity and affordable replacement filters, it will save you thousands of dollars in the long run whilst making it spec-for-spec the best value-for-money air purifier.

Our family can now worry less, breathe better and come home to a safe, cosy and clean environment thanks to our Sterra Breeze Air Purifier.

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier Review

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