Great Sleep Simplified with Marble Flex Adjustable Bed

Marble Flex Adjustable Bed

I love my bed, I never thought I can love it more than I already do. Now that I have the Marble Flex Adjustable Bed Base, I have everything I ever want for our bed.

The Marble Flex is designed to fit within the footprint of most existing bed frames so you can keep your own style like what we did. If fits well into my beloved old world bed frame and it pairs perfectly with my Marble Maranta Mattress.

Marble Flex Adjustable Bed

We don’t always have the same schedules especially since I work from home and he has a long days work in the office. He usually falls asleep earlier than I do so the Marble Flex is a great addition for our lifestyle and sleeping patterns. Here is why.

It’s Easy to Use

Marble Flex Adjustable Bed Remote Control

Everything you need to control the positions are with a click of your remote. The remote comes with presets for pressure-relieving positions and you can adjust it for further support for your back, neck, and legs.

  • TV/PC is a comfortable position for watching Netflix series on my phone while Shine sleeps.
  • Zero-G is designed by NASA to relieve pressure points and help alleviate snoring.
  • Flat is to position it back to flat once you’re awake.

And if that is not enough, you can adjust it to further lift or lower your back, neck and legs, set and save your favourite customized positions.

Custom Comfort

Marble Flex Adjustable Bed

You can see how the Marble Maranta Mattress blends with your body weight and moves smoothly and quietly as you adjust it. We no longer need extra pillows to position our necks.

Marble Flex Adjustable Bed
Photo from Marble Sleep Company

We interchange between TV/PC when one of us is reading or using our phone and Zero-G when we’re ready to sleep. I love that my legs are slightly elevated, it helps with blood flow and they don’t feel stiff when I wake up anymore.

Under Bed Illumination

Marble Flex Adjustable Bed Under Bed Illumination

Other than it looking cool, should you need to go to the bathroom or grab a snack in the middle of the night, you need not do it in pitch darkness and you don’t have to switch on the room light disturbing your spouse. With just one click of your remote, you have the low light spectrum that is easy on your eyes and guides you back to sleep.

Whoever said adjustable beds can’t look chic has never met a Marble Flex. Watch how easy it is to control it. We can sleep even better now thanks to Marble.

The Marble Flex comes in Single, Super Single, Queen, King and Split King.

*Includes free shipping, 30-night returns and 5-year warranty.

Marble Sleep Company

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