Better Sleep, Better Days with Marble Sleep Company

Since moving into a blank and empty space last October, we’ve been slowly making it our home one item at a time. It’s been almost 6 months now and we finally decided on the Maranta Mattress from Marble Sleep Company which means our Master Bedroom is finally complete!

God knows how long Shine and I have been searching for a mattress as we both have different wants and needs when it comes to bedding. Shine needs an orthopaedic mattress as he’s worried about aches and pains from an old back injury but those mattresses tend to be quite stiff. I prefer plush and comfort; the kind I can sink in, like sleeping on a cloud. I didn’t think we would ever find a mattress that will not only meet both our needs but one that we will both love. We found it all in our Maranta Mattress.

I was pleasantly surprised when our mattress arrived. I was expecting it to come in an ordinary brown box or just wrapped up in a plastic but this bright and cheery packaging shows that Marble Sleep Company isn’t ordinary. And, how does a Queen Size mattress fit into this box? Marble Magic.

Maranta Queen Size Bed Singapore
Unpacked: 150 x 190 cm
Shipping Dimensions: 47 x 47 x 160 cm

Photo from Marble Sleep Company

The Maranta Series comes in Single, Super Single, Queen and King size.

Marble Maranta Mattress

Advanced Support with Patented HexiGrid+™

  • Durable and responsive ergonomic layer that actively supports you in areas crucial for spinal alignment.
  • Great for Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers.
  • Actively softens and cushions you around pressure points such as shoulders and hips to provide the best relief.
  • Increases airflow and circulates air so you stay cool and fresh through the night.
  • HexiGrid+ is a bio-inspired design from the way Bees build their hives.

Integrated Machine Washable Mattress Protector

  • Easy and Quick to remove and reattach the Mattress Protector for regular washing.
  • Foams and Inner Core remains covered with an additional inner cover.
  • Spill-proof and Water Resistant, so accidents and oopsies (hehe) are easy to clean.

Sequoia Natural Latex™

  • Great for Motion Isolation, so bounce and movements don’t disturb you or your partner.
  • Contours and fits to your body the more you sleep on it.
  • Resistant to heat, remains cool, doesn’t harden and indent which is common for mattresses made with foam.

Breeze Thread™ & 3D Surface Flow™

  • Individual threads are weaved with Breeze technology, making our fabrics cool to the touch and hypoallergenic to sensitive skin.
  • 3D Surface Grooves divert heat away from your body and allow cool air to circulate.
  • Contains Lycra for a perfect flex-fit and moisture-wicking properties.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Free, fast shipping on all orders.
  • Free and easy pick up returns. Marble handles all the packing and recycling.
  • Don’t love it? Get your money back with a 100-night risk-free trial.
  • 10-year limited warranty.
  • Designed and tested by innovative research and development lab in the USA.

Responsibly Sourced Premium Materials

The Maranta™ Series is a 12″ mattress that consists 5 layers of pure premium materials, each carefully designed for maximum comfort. 2 Layers of Plush and Comfort Natural Latex, Marble’s Pressure Relieving Honeycomb Network Foam, Durable Support Certi-Pur Foam and 2 varieties of Pocket Coil Springs for better contouring and edge support.

Sleep Panel: Polyester, Non-toxic polyethylene and Lycra covers wicks the craziest humidity present, is hypoallergenic and detachable for easy washing.
Comfort Layers: 1″ Latex and 2″ Latex
Middle Layer: 2″ Marble Cooling Honeycomb Network Foam; 5″ Pocket Coils
Base Layer: 2″polyurethane foam – Certified by CertiPUR-US®
Side Panel: Polyester and Rayon

“What, is it time to wake up already?”, as you can see, Baeley loves our bed a little too much. We got everything we asked for in a mattress – Shine has the back and spinal support he needs and I get the plush mattress that I’ve always wanted. We get undisturbed sleeps too because we can never tell when one of us hops late into bed thanks to it’s motion isolation! Truly made of dreams! Great days begin with a good night’s sleep and we never need to worry about the lack of it with our Maranta mattress ever again.

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2 responses to “Better Sleep, Better Days with Marble Sleep Company”

  1. […] I love my bed, I never thought I can love it more than I already do. Now that I have the Marble Flex Adjustable Bed Base, I have everything I ever want for our bed. The Marble Flex is designed to fit within the footprint of most existing bed frames so you can keep your own style like what we did. If fits well into my beloved old world bed frame and it pairs perfectly with my Marble Maranta Mattress. […]


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