LUMOS NANO Portable Projector

LUMOS NANO Portable Projector Review

I enjoy watching movies but I dislike the hassle of travelling to a crowded cinema and sitting next to a stranger who’s coughing and sneezing. With the LUMOS NANO Projector, we can simply enjoy our favourite movies with the full cinema experience at the comfort of our home.


LUMOS is a home-grown Singaporean brand which strives to bring the best quality projectors at market-breaking prices. I was sold on the LUMOS NANO in particular for it’s portability and didn’t expect how it will change my home entertainment experience! Don’t let its size fool you, it projects a very wide screen with amazingly bright pictures and it’s sound quality is so superb, neighbours may think you’re hosting a party all from this small package.

What’s in the Box?

LUMOS NANO Portable Projector Review
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Stand
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Charger

Design & Specifications

LUMOS NANO Portable Projector Review

It’s sleek and cute, weighing at only 400g, smaller than a drink can and is so compact, we can even keep it in the drawer of our bedside table after use! It has a touch-sensitive panel at the top of the projector which means I don’t have to use the remote to navigate the menu. It also has an internal rechargeable battery so when it’s fully charged, we can use the projector without the power adaptor.

LUMOS NANO Portable Projector Review
  • Front: Projection Lens
  • Back: Fan, USB, HDMI, DG, IH Socket
  • Left: Adjust Focus
  • Right: Earphone Socket, On/Off


Size400g, 12 x 8 x 12 cm 
Display TechnologyPremium DLP
Brightness1500 Lumens
SpeakerDolby Audio
ResolutionSupport 1080p (Native 480p)
ControlPremium Touch Pad Control, Remote Control
Operating SystemAndroid 9.0
Inbuilt Apps YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Store, Airplay, EShare, WIFI Display
Aspect Ratio16:9 / 4:3
Projected Screen Size50-100 Inch
Projection Distance1.5-3.0M
Short Throw Ratio1.2:1
Battery Life2 Hours Playtime (2-3 Hours to charge)
Keystone CorrectionHorizontal & Vertical +-15 degree, Inbuilt Auto Vertical Adjustment
InterfacesHDMI x 1 / USB x 1, Audio Out
Supply Power12V, 2A
Memory & Storage RAM 2GB + ROM16GB
Screen MirroringAirplay for iPhones, EShare for Samsung, WIFI Display for Android
Warranty1 year

Built In Apps

LUMOS NANO Portable Projector Review

LUMOS NANO comes with built in apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, WIFI & Bluetooth which is really most of what I watch but in case that’s not enough, you can add other apps or streaming services to screen on big screen with no cables needed.

Bring a Cinema Anywhere

Depending on the size of your wall, with only 0.5m to 3m needed, LUMOS NANO can go from 15 inch to 100 inch and is fully adaptable to your room’s needs. It is brighter than other portable projectors at 1500 Lumens and its DLP Light technology delivers superior sharpness and colours best in darkness like in a cinema. The high audio quality is due to the Dolby Audio speakers and can be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker too which is really useful for your next fishing trip or BBQ session.

Because of it’s portability, I’m able to shift it around easily anywhere around my home for any occasion. You can even take it with you when you leave home for camping trips or staycations! Here are some of the ways we use our LUMOS NANO.

Cinema at Home

LUMOS NANO Portable Projector Review

We did not install a TV in our bedroom so if we did want to enjoy a movie late into the night, we had to do that in the living room where our TV is located. We don’t have to do that anymore! With LUMOS NANO, we can simply click to YouTube or Netflix to watch it on full screen cinema quality in our bedroom and adjust the screen at any angle that makes you feel comfortable.

Ceiling Projection

LUMOS NANO Portable Projector Review

You can even watch movies from your ceiling literally without having to get up or subject yourself to neck or backaches. With LUMOS NANO‘s design, you can place it flat lying down to project the screen on your ceiling. This is great for when you’re sick or not able to get out of bed.

LUMOS NANO Portable Projector Review

I used to listen to sleep meditation on my phone after particularly stressful days to help me wind down. With LUMOS NANO, I can now screen my Sleep Meditation videos to my ceiling and drift to sleep under the stars.


LUMOS NANO Portable Projector Review

Another activity that I use to enjoy through my phone was working out. Now I get to workout with a much wider screen and clearer sound which helps me follow the workout instructions much clearer and achieve better results. No more having to squint while doing squats!

Sporting Matches

LUMOS NANO Portable Projector Review

Shine is loving the LUMOS NANO as he can now watch soccer matches anywhere around the house at anytime. It’s great for me too so he won’t hog the TV, soccer matches can go on for what feels like forever and he doesn’t have to compromise the quality of his entertainment with LUMOS NANO. He can even take it with him to enjoy the matches with friends!

Are we enjoying the LUMOS NANO?

LUMOS NANO Portable Projector Review

LUMOS NANO is small but mighty with premium features, portability and value for money at only SGD$599 with 1-year local warranty, it’s a powerhouse that is hard to beat. A great addition for any family for any occasion. Guess I don’t have to go to a cinema now with a LUMOS NANO in our lives.

Swipe this Instagram post to see and hear the quality of our LUMOS NANO.

Don’t miss out and get yourself and your family a LUMOS NANO Projector too, you will love it to bits like we love ours.

LUMOS Projector

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