Raising a Frenchie Pug

Raising a Frenchie Pug

My Baeley will turn 3 this November. I know, it’s still months away till then but I can’t help but beam and recall how Shine and I first held her and how small she was. She was so small, she could snuggle under my armpit. She still tries to snuggle under my armpit sometimes but only her face fits. Despite her size now, she still insists to sit on my lap when we’re watching TV like she always has since she was a baby, make us rub her belly and shower her with kisses after every meal.

She has changed our lives in so many ways. Our daily routines have changed to fit her but we wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, we look forward to coming home to her and I would much rather spend my day with her even if it’s just sitting around and talking (yes, I talk to her more than I do most people). I also prioritise her needs over meeting friends or other appointments. I get asked occasionally why I can’t leave her be, why I’m spoiling her, that she’s not a child or that things will change if you have children. Some non-pet owners don’t understand how much our pets mean to us.

Raising a Frenchie Pug

Baeley is my baby, my child. And I WILL spoil her with everything we can give her because she really does deserve every bit of it. She literally showers me with wet doggy kisses when I was struggling with anxiety and lies beside my tummy when I’m having cramps, both of which most humans haven’t got the slightest empathy for. Once, I accidentally cut my finger while trying to break open a stupid avocado. She gave a sharp bark from another room and dashed to check on my wound. Another time we were alone at home and I was so sick, I couldn’t move or get out bed. She kept whimpering and trying to reach for my fingers. Then when Shine got back, she made him follow her to where I was and got him to carry her up to me so she could check if I’ll be ok. My sweet little baby. She is so naughty, so stubborn, sassy but so incredibly sweet. I’ve always joked that if you cut me open and see my heart, it will be in the shape of Baeley’s face. I pray every day that she will have the longest life possible. Why do their lives have to be so short?

Family Portrait Photoshoot with Pet

Our little family portrait by Le Petite Pet Photography.

Since we are raising a brachycephalic dog, we were prepared that she would need more care with regards to her health. The term Brachycephalic originates from the Greek words “short” and “head.” They need extra care due to their narrow nostrils, smaller airways and uniquely structured head which makes them prone to over-heating. I clean the folds around Baeley’s face after every walk, followed by the rest of her body and paws. I always make sure I have a bottle of water for her when on walks and when the distant is too far, we prepare her doggie stroller with a fan and cooling pads. It’s extra but I rather be safe than sorry and I will not take any chances when it comes to her. Don’t let the flat face and stout body fool you though, Baeley runs fast, don’t forget her predecessors were bulldogs who were bred to control livestock.

What we did not anticipate was that she would have more stomach issues than anything else. When we brought Baeley home at 3 months old, she was always very playful and robust, even when she falls ill. At 6 months, she started getting hotspots breakout all over her skin on top of having diarrhoea and despite that, she would still insist we play fetch and catching with her mid poop. We got so worried and took her to the vet numerous times but she was too young then to take an allergy test. We learned to figure out when she was sick from studying her poop so for the first year, I had a collection of photos of her poop in my phone that I would show to the vet during each visit. Baeley has visited a few different vets in the past but we have since stayed with Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic.

When Baeley turned 1, she was finally old enough to take an allergy test and we found out that she was allergic to most readily available protein. I was horrified because my baby was suffering all this time, while showing a brave front. We had to completely change her diet to a special protein and we are so grateful to be introduced to Pawff Singapore and we have since been patronising them for her dietary needs from her meals, treats and supplements.

Despite her allergies, Baeley still goes for daily walks. She loves being the centre of attention especially in a big group whether they are humans or dogs. I often get asked how we got her to mingle with other dogs and kids. Since Baeley is our only little girl, it’s important to us that she socialised to develop trust and confidence so we send her for day-care every week at Pawcious Style. Not only does she socialise with other dogs, she gets a thorough grooming there every week, goes for pack walks, swim and they even provide boarding too. Best part is, Baeley loves the girls at Pawcious Style. She wags her tail and runs to her leash whenever I tell her, “It’s time for school!“. Win, win for us all because I can use that time to take a break too.

Here are a list of Pet businesses in Singapore that we personally recommend.


Pawff, 77 Jln Malu Malu, Singapore 769687
Tel: +65 9647 8786
Email: info@pawffsg.com

Opening Hours:
1300 – 2000 (Thurs-Sun)

Pawcious Style

Pawcious Style, 403 Sembawang Road, Singapore 758384
Tel: +65 8893 5642
Email: pawciousstyle@gmail.com

Opening Hours:
1030 – 1800 (Daily)

Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic

Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic, Blk 21 Ghim Moh Road, Singapore 270021
Tel: +65 6250 8001
Email: info@gentleoakvet.com.sg

Opening Hours:
0900 – 2000 (Daily)

(Closed on Public Holidays)

Le Petite Pet Photography

Le Petite Pet Photography, 229 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427489
Tel: +65 8128 1225

* Call to make appointment.

I believe our pets are really angels disguised in fur and paws instead of wings. You can never understand how much love we have for them until you are lucky enough to experience it yourself.

Raising a Frenchie Pug

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