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Have you had to go from one event to another and have your entire schedule full for the day? *Raises hands. I feel ya, we’re busy girls and its tough running from one place to another without feeling flustered and not exactly being able to look our best. My day job as a guide starts in the morning and requires lots of walking under the sun so by the time a tour ends in the afternoon, I’ll be sweaty with my hair in total disarray! My day doesn’t end there, sometimes I’ll have to attend an event or go for a blog assignment right after! So how do I stay clean, fresh and photo-ready? Here are some tips on how you can still look cute on-the-go.

Always Carry a Necessities Kit

Bring your necessities along! The most important bits for me are tissues (wet and dry), sanitizer (that will work as a deodrant), sunblock, hair tie (to tie up my messy hair), lip balm, face mist and powdered blotters. As for makeup, I usually don’t put on much when I have a full day’s schedule except for skin care, sunblock, eyebrows and lip cream. I leave my face bare so that I can wipe off sweat later. Here are some of my recommendations.

  1. Hair Ties: Black
  2. Baby Wet Wipes: Natural Organic Baby Wipes
  3. Hand Sanitizers: Bath & Body Works
  4. Facial Mist: Caudalie
  5. Sunblock: Bioderma Hydrabio
  6. Powdered Blotters: Palladio Rice Paper
  7. Lip Balm: Himalaya Herbal
  8. Lip Cream: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (09 Abu Dhabi)

Always Carry a Pair of Shades

Sunglasses can make you look like a superstar eventhough you’ve had a crappy morning and it’s an awesome way to hide dark circles under my eyes when I don’t have time to put on a full face of makeup so it’s always good to carry a pair of shades around. And it protects your eyes from harmful rays too.

Put on a Pair of Jeans or Sleek Black Pants

Ok, may be not a tattered pair but you get the drift. Jeans are versatile, comfortable and makes you look good. And if your job doesn’t allow you to wear jeans, the next option would be a sleek pair of black pants for the same reasons. They go with almost any pair of footwear too which brings me to the next point…

Put on a Comfortable and Versatile Pair of Shoes

You’re gonna be out the entire day and most probably be on your feet a great deal so it’s important to wear something comfortable yet chic and versatile. If you’re most comfortable running around, hailing and chasing after cabs in heels then great! But for me, since I have to walk for hours, my best option would be cute loafers. Don’t limit yourself to just loafers though! You can opt for a pair of cute sneakers or boat shoes. Ballerina flats are also comfortable and adds chic factor to your outfit – think Audrey Hepburn.

Bring a Cute Top to Change Into

This applies if you wear a uniform to work and for those of you who want to wear a different outfit to a different occasion. I have to iron out almost everything I wear for the day, I hate creases in my clothes but packing them into my bag makes that almost unavoidable. Almost. To avoid having too many creases and the unsightly lines, I usually roll them up neatly after ironing and place them in the corner of my bag so it doesn’t get affected as badly as when I place it in the middle of the top of my bag. I use this method when I travel too.

Bring Accessories

Bring along some accessories! Just like your shades, accessories adds some spice and completes the outfit! So pack a pair of statement earrings or necklace to match your outfit and you’ll be photo ready!

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