Wedding Countdown: Six Months to #MrMrsPrashant

Can you believe that it’s 6 months to the wedding already. We’re not talking in years now, we’ve progressed into months *gasp.

Here’s a list of stuff we’ve done so far.

We are now in the midst of the following.

  • Finalising our Ceremony Guest List.
  • Ordering our Invites for our Church Ceremony.
  • Preparing for our Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot.
  • Deciding on our Song List.
  • Deciding on our Honeymoon Destination.

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As seen in the previous update 6 months ago, I’ve ticked off quite a number of things off our Checklist but there is still so much to be done. This wedding thing is a job all on it’s own with emails to respond to, calls to make and appointments to meet. Our Wedding Binder is bursting!

I don’t have much updates on our Church Ceremony as I’m leaving most of that in his and his family’s hands, I’m just really happy to walk-in in my beautiful gown, Rene Caovilla shoes, with my bridesmaid behind me and marrying my Shine. I do wish the roses will be white and not some funky colour like purple or electric blue though, eek. Other than that, I’m quite contented with having a simple ceremony.

Turns out, we’ll be having our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in February because Shine will be going for his reservist in March. Omg, that’s like next month! We’ve decided on these places.

  • Punggol Lalang Field
  • Seletar Black & White Houses
  • Fort Canning

Nothing dramatic, we just want a soft rustic look. Since Shine said the photo shoot is my domain, I decided I wanted a simple shoot with just us, we’re reserving our bridal party shoot for the actual day and I really wanted  to do our shoot in Singapore because of budget. Besides, this is our country (patriotic, hehe) and where we met, why should we go capture those memories anywhere else? We’ll never know if these places will still be here in 5years time, considering Tanjong Pagar Railway will be converted soon and they might one day build a condo on this lalang field, who knows.

Btw, this might come as a surprise. On our short stop by at Kuala Lumpur, my Mama got me this as a gift…
I want to incorporate it into our indoor photoshoot with my poofy ball gown for the Princess effect for her to remind her I will always be her little princess. She use to ask me as a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I would respond sheepishly, “… a princess“. Well, all that dreaming didn’t go to waste, I did find my knight after all. I’m kind of excited for how it will go and how the photos will turn out already, lol.

That’s about most of our Six Months to #MrMrsPrashant update! There’s still so much to do but I will be keeping you posted as the checklist gets ticked off. I’ll post some sneak peak and exclusive photos on Instagram and Facebook Page so be sure that you’re following! Till the next update loves.

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