Age Backwards with Marine Collagen


As I’m entering the next decade of my life, I’m starting to notice a change in how my body looks and feels. I’m diligent in my skincare and I try to exercise as regularly as possible but my body does not look as toned as it once did, my metabolism is not as high as it use to be, my skin is not as bouncy and I can feel my joints ache after a run. It’s about time for me to start taking Marine Collagen again.

Areas of Concern

  • Dry and Uneven Skin
  • Lines and Wrinkles
  • Hair Fall
  • Brittle Nails
  • Bones and Joints

Why Marine Collagen?

Age Backwards with Marine Collagen Infographic

Although there are many collagen supplements in the market, some that I have personally tried, I decided to go back to taking Marine Collagen as it does not just focus on beautifying (skin, hair and nails) but also assists with improving the health of my body (bones, joints and muscles) as I wish to enjoy my quality of life and runs without aches well into the future.

I was taking Marine Collagen regularly some years back and I saw an improvement in my skin and hair but I stopped as I was under medication. Now that I understand my skin and health better, I want to document the results.


Kinohimitsu MarineGem Collagen Powder

Age Backwards with Marine Collagen  Kinohimitsu MarineGem Collagen Powder

Why do I prefer to take my collagen supplement in powder form instead of pills or bottle? 1 Scoop of Kinohimitsu MarineGem Collagen Powder contains 5000mg which is a good amount compared to pill or bottle form which may not deliver the ideal amount.

There are numerous types of collagen in our body but Collagen Type 1 & 3 make up most of them. Kinohimitsu MarineGem Collagen Powder contains Collagen Type 1 & 3 with low molecular weight collagen (2000 Dalton) for easy absorption that is cholesterol fat-free and gives you the optimal nourishment to firm and tighten skin, strengthen hair and nails, support joints and bone health, lifts busts and tone body. Suitable and tested on women and men aged 25 – 70.

What is Glycation?

Sugar in the bloodstream attaches to proteins to form harmful new molecules. It causes collagen to become brittle which leads to rough and less elastic skin. Kinohimitsu MarineGem Collagen Powder is the ONLY collagen product with anti-glycation effect in the market.

Main Ingredients

Age Backwards with Marine Collagen  Kinohimitsu MarineGem Collagen Powder

Type 1 Collagen: Improves skin and beauty.

Type 3 Collagen: Improves bones, tendons and ligament quality.

Marine Collagen: Collagen Peptide (Fish) in small molecular form allows immediate absorption by the body to plump up the skin.

Green Caviar: Promote skin whitening, enhance skin hydration and great antioxidant ability which provides a synergistic effect when working with Vitamin C.

Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant to neutralise free radicals and anti-inflamation.

Formosa Ruby: Anti-glycation properties and increase collagen level, thus anti-ageing effect can last longer, promotes skin whitening and collagen synthesis and retain skin moisture.


Age Backwards with Marine Collagen  Kinohimitsu MarineGem Collagen Powder

First Time Users
1 Scoop (6g) a day for a consecutive period of 6 days. Mix with 150ml of water.

1 Scoop every 2 days. Mix with 150ml of water.

Best before breakfast/bedtime serve with chilled water for delicious taste.

Does it taste fishy or funky?

This is my favourite tasting collagen drink that I’ve ever tasted. One of the reasons why I was so put-off from taking collagen drinks is because they always taste funky – like a cough syrup, medicine mixed with fish which makes me wanna gag. Kinohimitsu MarineGem Collagen Powder tastes like lychee juice and I actually look forward to having it in the morning instead of coffee which is saying a lot!

Take Note: Only prepare it with cold water to have this yummy lychee juice taste. Don’t take it in room temperature or hot, it tastes gross this way. Stir the powder till it dilutes into the water before you consume, add ice for a treat. And definitely never mix it with soups or your food!


It took 1 month to complete 1 pack of Kinohimitsu MarineGem Collagen Powder. Here are the results after 1 month.

Kinohimitsu MarineGem Collagen Powder Before and After Results
Kinohimitsu MarineGem Collagen Powder Before and After Results

Frankly, I cannot see a drastic difference but when I put the before and after side to side and scrutinise it, I can see the significant number of spots on my face are lighter, my skin is brighter and firmer and my nails are able to grow this long without breaking which is a feat as I have very weak nails. I can even start painting my nails again which is a bonus!

Physically, I do feel better while I’m running and my joints don’t hurt the next day like it use to. My hair is still falling though but it is less brittle and tangles less too considering that I’ve bleached and dyed it recently.

Am I enjoying Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen Powder?

You have to play the long game with Kinohimitsu MarineGem Collagen Powder. Long-term results show that diligent collagen intake will keep you looking and feeling youthful as you age so I will continue taking Marine Collagen as maintenance and monitor the results as I go along. It helps that I love the taste and look forward to having it as a perk me up.

Here’s hoping I will still look 30 when I’m well into my 50s with Marine Collagen intake.

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