Changefit Diet Shakes

Change Fit Diet Shakes

Do you get so caught up with work sometimes that you skip meals? I do, especially breakfasts and lunch. It’s such a hassle to make and pack lunch especially when you’re in a rush. Also, when I’m out running errands, I get tempted to buy myself a nice cup of Boba but I worry about weight gain. Is there something that is convenient to prepare, easy to carry, delicious to consume and won’t make me put on extra weight? Changefit is a shake that can solve your issues.


Why Changefit Diet Shakes?

Changefit has been certified as a Korean Safety Management Certification HACCP with stringent ingredient quality, hygiene, monitoring process and tested for diet functionality. With an average of 190 kcal per shake/meal, you can limit your calories easily compared to consuming a regular diet that contains about 1100 kcal. It provides nutritional balance as it includes lots of dietary fibre and even includes Fish Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, 26g of protein, 8 essential amino acids and 11 vitamin minerals.

Changefit Diet Shakes

It’s very simple to prepare. All you need is water, milk, oat milk or almond milk and shake well. I recommend using your favourite type of milk for the best taste but if you’re concern about weight gain or don’t like milk then water works well too. It’s so delicious and makes for a great substitute meal. It’s portable so you are able to enjoy a balanced required dietary shake in a quick and easy way while on-the-go. Or if you’re at home spending quality me-time, pour it into a glass.

Normal Meal Plan

Breakfast: Take Change Fit
Lunch: 2/3 of Normal Diet
Dinner: Normal Diet

Intense Meal Plan

Breakfast: Take Change Fit
Lunch: Take Normal Diet
Dinner: Take Change Fit

Achieve better results when you work out while on this meal plan. Watch my Instagram Reel on how to prepare your Changefit Diet Shake.

Changefit Diet Shakes

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Which flavour is your favourite?

It’s so hard to pick because I seriously love them all! Even though I’m usually not a fan of strawberries, the Strawberries & Banana is delicious! I also absolutely LOVE the Korean Rice Cake, Black Sugar Milk Tea and Black Sesame, omg (told you it’s hard to pick one). Give them all a taste and see for yourself.

Changefit shakes come in variety pack of 6 delicious flavoursStrawberry & Banana, Cocoa, Korean Rice Cake, Black Sugar Milk Tea, Black Sesame and Sweet Potato Latte.

Changefit is available online at Shopee.

Shopee Collection


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