Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

After my first experience making my very own Pure Silver Ring at Singapore International Jewelry Expo with JDMIS, I was invited to attend 1 session of the Phenomenal Gems & Jade and tour at the JDMIS Campus.

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Founded in 2007, JDMIS is Singapore’s only specialized jewellery school that specialises in and provides end-to-end jewellery education. The school is led by founder and dean, Mrs Tanja Manuela Sadow, an award-winning designer and highly accredited renowned jewellery educator with more than 30 years of experience across the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. Since its establishment 15 years ago in Singapore, JDMIS has trained over 25,000 individuals and certified over 5000 students across 56 countries, as well as top local and international brands.

The Jewellery Design and Management International School (JDMIS) provides education and inspiration by means of specialised academic programmes in jewellery design, trends, marketing & management and professional skills training in traditional and new technologies for the practical manufacturing of creative, designer jewellery. Its programmes focus on developing participants’ artistic abilities, applied skills and business acumen, in-line with the needs of the industry. JDMIS trainers are experts in the skills they teach and follow a structured and up-to-date curriculum and share their comprehensive experience as practicing jewellery professionals.

Jewellery Design & Management International School JDMIS Instructors

JDMIS Main Entrance from JDMIS

The school’s Diploma programmes produce an enterprising new breed of contemporary jewellery designers who will develop into entrepreneurs or become qualified professionals primed for success in the corporate jewellery industry. JDMIS’ unique diplomas and advanced diplomas can be completed in as little as two months of intensive study, or part-time according to flexible weekday, weekend or weeknight schedules. This flexibility extends beyond graduation, and alumni enjoy the ability to return and ‘refresh’ their skills without additional training costs.

For industry professionals and independent designers, JDMIS provides shorter, yet comprehensive Certificate courses in a variety of practical and business-related topics. All JDMIS courses are modular, ideal for students who want to pick up a specific skill in a short workshop and still have the option for that learning to contribute towards their educational goals of a comprehensive jewellery qualification.

In addition to its formal educational offering, JDMIS specialises in customised corporate training for the jewellery industry as well as unique jewellery-related team-building workshops for corporations; its corporate clients include top multinational jewellery and fashion brands as well as local chain and boutique retailers. The school also enjoys collaboration with many facets of the jewellery industry including a leading-edge Jewellery Manufacturer.

Tanya Sadow

JDMIS Tanja Sadow

Tanja Sadow is not only the most sought-after jewellery expert in the region, but a renowned educator, an international award-winning designer, and a successful businessperson. Today, she is Dean of the Jewellery Design & Management International school and maintains an intercontinental designer jewellery label ‘JusTanja’ with prominent outlets such as Harrods of London, she has built a thriving retail business in Singapore and established an educational organization to foster the Jewellery community she has built around her passion: Gems & Jewellery.

Tanja began her 30-year involvement with jewellery-making at the Gemmological Institute of America, where she studied and later taught, specializing in jewellery manufacture, design, and gemmology. Tanja lectured throughout the United States and in 1990 was invited to Singapore to assist the Economic Development Board as a consultant on a project entitled: “Enhancing Creativity in Jewellery Design”.

Based on her recommendations, she later developed a Gemmology curriculum for the Jewellery Industry Training Centre of Singapore. She has been involved in educational projects with Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, Mabbousin, B.P. de Silva, Swarovski, and many other local and international brands. Over 17,000 students, in Singapore and world-wide, have benefited from Tanja’s expertise and knowledge.

Tanja has long recognized the value of education and accreditation and in 1995 she established JusTanja Pte. Ltd. with the objective of educating industry professionals and enthusiasts in silver jewellery-making and the Creative Jewellery Arts. In 1998, seeing the need for a reputable retail source for the natural materials and metal components used in high quality fashion jewellery, she founded BeadHub, Singapore’s premiere source for Jewellery-making components. In 2007 Tanja sold BeadHub to focus her attention back towards education.

Today, through the Jewellery Design & Management International School, Tanja offers formal Diploma and Advanced Diploma education, professional certification for the jewellery industry and workshops, courses, and seminars on all aspects of jewellery-making. In the past year alone, Tanja and her team have taught extended programs to over 5000 students, more than 500 of which have progressed beyond the diploma-level and have already launched their own careers in jewellery.

In 2012, Tanja and the JDMIS were awarded the Small and Medium Business Association’s Promising SME 500 award for the growth and quality standards they achieved.

Tanja continues to travel the world, teaching, learning and constantly building awareness and recognition for the JDMIS and her Guild of Jewellery Professionals and Artisans.


Courses at JDMIS

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

The Phenomenal Gems & Jade class is taught by Tanja. It really was phenomenal as I’ve never been so close to some of these glittering stones, let alone touch and study them! I learned how to tell which gems were natural and which were man-made too!

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

Professional Jewellery Certification (Short Courses)

Tanja Sadow, the founder and Dean of the JDMIS, has developed a series of comprehensive qualifications geared for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. Flexible modular schedules, highly experienced instructors, and over 3 decades of jewellery education and business experience make JDMIS unsurpassed in the region.

Comprehensive Jewellery Diploma Certification

SkillsFuture Funding

Supported by SkillsFuture with funding up to 70% of Tuition Fees.

Jewellery training with JDMIS now enjoys generous SkillsFuture Funding. As part of a concerted effort by SkillsFuture Singapore, Workforce Singapore, Enterprise Singapore and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and thanks to the strong support of the Singapore Jewellers Association, Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS) are now supported under SkillsFuture initiatives. This development ensures that the jewellery industry in Singapore evolves with the changing economy and technologies; it enables companies and individuals to remain up to date with the latest skills and knowledge in this creative field.

All are now eligible for SkillsFuture Baseline for younger Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Citizens over 40 can additionally avail of the SkillsFuture Mid-career enhanced training subsidies. Companies sending staff for training receive similarly generous subsidies as well as the ability to claim absentee payroll for workers they send for training. In-line with Singapore’s support for the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises, these organizations also receive enhanced support for training their employees in the latest jewellery skills. 

More info on JDMIS SkillsFuture Funding.

The Latest Updates.

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JDMIS Campus

The JDMIS Campus spans seven dedicated classrooms, two specialised jewellery manufacturing workshops and a computer-aided design (CAD) lab with state-of-the-art 3D jewellery software. Students and graduates also benefit from a Designer’s Lounge, a large flexible co-working space where they can meet up and practise their craft. Additionally, a fully functional retail space – the Creative Jewellery Studio (CJS) also allows students to launch their brands and jewellery careers. For the opening event, the CJS hosted more than 30 independent local and international jewellery designers including award winners and up-and-coming talents.

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

JDMIS Main Entrance from JDMIS

JDMIS is a joint venture with MDIS specializing in Jewellery Education occupying 5200sqf of space located at the Main Entrance at Block F of the MDIS Campus.

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

Creative Jewellery Studio from JDMIS

At the entrance to JDMIS is the Creative Jewellery Studio, Singapore’s largest multi-designer jewellery boutique. It hosts local and international designers who are graduates of JDMIS where each designer has a showcase of their unique creations. You can purchase them or use them as a source of inspiration for your own career through JDMIS.

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

Designer Lounge from JDMIS

This is JDMIS large Designer Lounge used as a co-working and networking space for students.

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

Garden from JDMIS

Take a break and enjoy the nature at JDMIS.

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

The Gem Vault from JDMIS

The Gem Vault contains over 1500 gem, jewellery exhibits and a unique jewellery library.

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

The Amber Room from JDMIS

The Amber Room is the Fashion Jewellery classroom filled with samples and ideas.

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

The Citrine Room from JDMIS

The Citrine Room is especially for Traditional Design training.

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

The Amethyst Room from JDMIS

The Amethyst Room is for Digital Jewellery Design with the latest workstations and jewellery software tools.

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

The Sapphire Room from JDMIS

The Sapphire Room is for New Metals with all the equipment and space needed to succeed.

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

The Emerald Room from JDMIS

The Emerald Room is for traditional metalsmithing and houses all the basic equipment for metalwork.

Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

The Ruby Room from JDMIS

The Ruby Room is for Advanced Metalsmithing. It has casting equipment, engraving, plating, polishing, 3D printing and all that you will need to succeed.

MDIS Campus Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)

JDMIS Campus is located within MDIS. Feel free to visit the Creative Studio to shop for unique pieces of jewellery or make enquiries regarding your favourite courses and be on the way to becoming the next Harry Winston or Tiffany & Co.

The Jewellery Design and Management International School, Management Development Institute of Singapore Campus, Franklin Block, 501 Stirling Road, Units F-1075 to F-1082, Singapore 148951
Tel: +65 6221 5253

Course Inquiries:

Opening Hours:
1000 – 1800 (Mon – Thurs, Sat)
1100 – 1800 (Sun)

Closed on Fridays and Public Holidays

FREE Jewellery E-Book JDMIS

Tanja Sadow, Dean of JDMIS, has created a brief introduction to the fascinating world of Gems and Jewellery! Learn about how jewellery is designed and manufactured, how gemstones are valued and even how to identify some imitation gems in this great FREE E-book!

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