Dom & Cleo Pet Supplements for Allergies and Digestive Health from Pawff

Dom & Cleo Pet Supplements for Allergies and Digestive Health from Pawff

My little girl, Baeley, has been suffering from allergies and digestive issues even before we brought her home. I can still recall how much she would struggle to poop and how her stool was always soft, gooey or watery. Then when her poop got better, she would itch everywhere and scratched till she bled, develop hotspots and break out in hives if she even so much as pick up a scrap of food on the floor which is why I am constantly cleaning.

At 1 year old, we got an allergy test for her and discovered that she was allergic to almost every protein that exists and that was probably why her body was reacting. My poor baby. I cannot begin to tell you how much Shine and I worry about her health and how much we’ve spent on vet visits. Luckily for us, we were introduced to Pawff. They helped us come up with a meal plan for Baeley that we have been on for the past year and we have seen a significant improvement in Baeley’s stool and coat while on the Kangaroo diet. However, Roo meat is very costly and what if one day, God forbid, Roo meat gets banned or something, what is my Baeley going to eat?! Ultimately, it doesn’t solve her digestive issues.

Pawff recommended Dom & Cleo Triple Boost Colostrum Blend and Fiber Blend to improve Baeley’s digestive system with clear instructions catered to her dietary needs.


Why Dom & Cleo Triple Boost Colostrum Blend and Fibre Blend?

Dom & Cleo Pet Supplements for Allergies and Digestive Health from Pawff

Triple Boost Colostrum Blend

Dom & Cleo Triple Boost Colostrum Blend is great for digestive health and overall immunity. It contains Whey protein concentrate and double prebiotics which helps promote muscle development, healthy gut and the assimilation of nutrients. It’s great for cellular repair and free from fillers and unnecessary flow agents.

Suitable for puppies and kittens and pets of all of life stage.

Dom & Cleo Pet Supplements for Allergies and Digestive Health from Pawff

Proprietary blend pf Phospholipid coated Colostrum, Whey Protein Concentrate, Acacia Senegal, Inulin.

Fibre Blend

Dom & Cleo Organic Fibre Blend has a blend of healthy and nutritious fiber rich foods for all diet types. It helps to firm up stool, promotes regular bowel movement, keep colon and anal sacs clean. Pumpkin seeds and food-grade diatomaceous earth are both highly beneficial in controlling and eliminating parasites from your furkid’s body.

With just 4 certified organic ingredients, this is great for cats and dogs who are allergic to certain fruits and vegetables. You can also be sure you are giving GMO free food.

Dom & Cleo Pet Supplements for Allergies and Digestive Health from Pawff

Organic Flaxseed, Organic Apple, Organic Psyllium Husk, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Diatomaceous Earth.


Feeding Guidelines

For one month, we gradually introduced Triple Boost Colostrum Blend to her diet followed by Fiber Blend so that it won’t shock her tummy. The first week, we added a pinch, once a day. Since her poop was fine and her body didn’t breakout in hives, we graduated with a teaspoon once a day. After a week, since she was taking well to it, we added a teaspoon twice a day.

Suggested Use for Triple Boost Colostrum Blend:
Add 1 Teaspoon per 5kg body weight. Mix with half amount of water. Feed on empty stomach May also be sprinkled onto food and added to puppy/kitten formulas.

Suggested Use for Fiber Blend:
Add 1/4 Table Spoon to 50g of food, mix and feed. Amount may be increased or decreased as desired to help firm up stools as needed or when transitioning diets.

Dom & Cleo Pet Supplements for Allergies and Digestive Health from Pawff

Baeley isn’t fussy with food in general as long as they’re not medication. She loves it but I’m not sure if she smells anything or because she associates her supplements with food so she gets very excited when we even go near her supplements.

True Colloidal Silver Gel

Dom & Cleo True Colloidal Silver Gel

I wanted to add that we also tried Dom & Cleo True Colloidal Silver Gel and she absolutely loves it which means it caused me less stress when it comes to healing her red patches and wounds caused by allergic reactions because she use to try to run and hide whenever we try to apply medication on her. Now she sits quietly and sticks her tongue out (she does that when she’s relaxed) when we rub the True Colloidal Silver Gel on her which has helped her wounds heal faster too.

Are we enjoying these products from Dom & Cleo?

We love them and we’re so glad that Pawff introduced us to Triple Boost Colostrum Blend, Fiber Blend and True Colloidal Silver Gel. I highly recommend these as I can see such a big difference in Baeley’s digestion, healing and overall health, easily some of my must-have pet care products.

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