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Building Progress: Home Sweet Home

Its been a while since I’ve last updated about our BTO. Whenever I take the MRT headed towards Jurong, I’ll always look out for our projects to see how far it has progressed. This is the latest update from last week…

Here is Eastlink 1 where we’ll be taking the MRT/buses, having our breakfast/lunch/dinner at the coffee shop and buying our groceries… crossing my fingers for good amenities here.

Here is the road separating Eastlink 1 and 2, it’s already functioning for the other surrounding neighbourhoods and for easier access for construction vehicles.

And here is our Block on the right (on the left is fully done Eastlace). I can literally see our home right there with it’s balcony and all. I may be a tad dramatic but I’m getting choked up looking at this, it’s so surreal that the home I’ve longed for so long is just there. Like, right there. No more moving, no more wandering, no more worrying where I’ll end up next. This will be our own little palace, our safe place, our sanctuary. Till we meet soon.

Looks like our Eastlink neighbourhood is coming together quite well so far. Can’t wait to see the end results in 2-3 years time.

Building Progress:
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