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Palladio Skin Detox Clarifying Primer, Build+Blend Foundation Drops and 4EVER+EVER Setting Spray

Recently, I came home after a long day to be greeted by a chic black box sitting on my bed. What a pleasant surprise, thank you! I was thrilled to find these new goodies from one of my favourite drugstore brands, Palladio. Since receiving them, I’ve been using each product for quite a while now and here are my reviews for Palladio’s Skin Detox Clarifying Primer, Build+Blend Foundation Drops and 4EVER+EVER Setting Spray. Click on the pictures for a wider view.

Step 1: Palladio Skin Detox Clarifying Primer

Of all the products in the kit, I’m guessing this would confuse most of you. It’s black when you first squeeze it out of the tube and reminded me of clay masks but when I smoothed it to my skin, it turned clear! My pore looked less prominent after application and I like that it has charcoal to detox and clarify your skin to keep oil at bay!

Tip: Apply a very small amount, about a 5 cents coin, ONLY on the oily areas of your face. This can be VERY mattifying and when applied to the dryer patches, it feels quite tight and the foundation on top of this primer may highlight some fine lines. You may use it alone, without foundation to control shine.

Step 2: Build+Blend Foundation Drops

We all have our own preference when it comes to coverage depending on the occasion. Now you can customise the coverage with the Palladio Build+Blend Foundation. It’s packaging is sleek and comes in the form of a dropper allowing you to pick the foundation from the bottle without having to pour or pump it out so you don’t have to worry about the mess or wastage.

1 Drop from Warm Caramel and 1 Drop from Natural Ivory is enough for me as I’m all for the sheer finish. In fact, if you find that your skin tone is uneven, you’re tanner from a holiday or if you like to bake or highlight and contour with different shades for a more natural look, these will be very ideal as they are of very affordable prices. Great for a makeup artist’s kit (and pocket) too!
Tip: I mixed my sunblock together with Warm Caramel to apply all over my face EXCEPT the area under my eyebags and then mix some of that sunblock with the lightest colour Natural Ivory and applied just a dab and blend under the each eyebag to give the illusion of higher cheekbones. I mixed my sunblock with the Build + Blend Foundation to make the consistency lighter as it is still too mattifying for me.

Step 3: 4EVER+EVER Setting Spray

Frankly, I don’t really use setting sprays because I feel they tend to mess up my makeup more than finish the look but I gave these ones a try and I’m surprised at how well these performed! They come in 2 types, The Matte Finish Setting Spray and The Dewy Finish Setting Spray. I love how weightless they feel and they don’t mess my mascara or eye makeup especially. Love them so much that I’ll purchase them once I’m done with these and they’ve made it into my favourites list.

4EVER+EVER Matte Finish: Aloe
4EVER+EVER Dewy Finish: Aloe + Green Tea (Alcohol Free)

Tip: To make makeup last longer, I spritz on the Matte Finish Setting Spray after primer. Hold the bottle 8 to 10 inches away and spritz in a X or T formation then let it settle before applying foundation and repeat after you’ve finished your makeup. If you don’t mind a little sheen, you can just spitz the Dewy Finish Setting Spray once in a X or T formation for the last step.

Do take note that these reviews and tips I’ve shared here are based on my own opinions and how I personally use these products as someone with combination skin with patches of very oily and also very dry areas on my face. I do not use every product and foundation the same way, this is what I found suited my skin the best with regards to these Palladio products. Overall, I found this range to be very suitable for younger, oily/acne prone skin and those who desire the matte finish look. It can also be very high coverage comparable to some high-end stage foundations, great for events with lots of photo taking involved and it is seriously long lasting, lasted me the whole day and was still matte with a slight dew after 8 hours.

Palladio Cosmetics are available at Guardian Pharmacy Singapore.

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