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2 Ways to Style a Puff Sleeve Blouse

Puff Sleeves from the 80s have made a comeback! As much as I love vintage, I’ve never really taken any inspiration from this decade’s over-the-top style but I was surprisingly drawn to the puff sleeves blouse from watching clips of this year’s Fashion Week.

I’ve never been keen to spend my hard earn money on trends so it has always been important to me that my clothes are classics or will be versatile for years to come. So I’ve put the Luna Blouse from Seoul Suitcase to the test and matched it with other pieces in my wardrobe for a casual look versus a more professional ensemble.Picnic days don’t have to be associated with t-shirts, flip-flops, big ugly umbrellas you bought from your nearest gas station and packet Chicken Rice. Add some chic to your picnic with the Luna Blouse, breezy pants and a big shaded hat so you can keep your hands free to carry that cute basket.Get that Mad Men inspired look with the Luna Blouse paired with a knee length skirt, statement belt and heels to take you from the office to the dance floor on Fridays! Professional doesn’t have to mean boring.

The Seoul Suitcase Luna Blouse comes in 2 colours.
Blue Stripes
Pink Stripes

Are you digging the Puff Sleeves Blouse too?

Seoul Suitcase

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