Celebrate the Holidays at the Philatelic Store

Tis the season to be jolly as we’re busy shopping for Christmas gifts for our family, friends and collegues. I was invited to a tour around the new Philatelic Store at Singapore’s General Post Office at SingPost Centre which serves like a miniature museum and got a first hand look at the exclusive selections of gifts from collector’s items to Sanrio! I’ll also be sharing little bits of history of the General Post Office and a Gift Guide just for you.Do you know that every item in the Philatelic Store marks an event that has taken place in Singapore’s history? Everything from Magnets, Coffee Table Books, Shopping Bags, Notepads and even the Postman and Postwoman figurines.

Exclusive Stamps Collections

Take your time and browse through the stamp collections with these flip boards. If any particular collection interests you and would like to have a closer look, the friendly staff will be able to assist you. Here are some of the collection that I fancied.
2017 is a special year in remembering and appreciating the history of postage stamps of Singapore. In September 1867, stamps of India overprinted with a crown and various rates of postage were released becoming the first postage stamps of the Straits Settlements. This stamp issue is released to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the First Postage Stamp Issued in Singapore.

Price (Collection): SGD $12.80 Add to Cart
Price (Stamp Set): SGD $3.27 Add to Cart

The 50th Anniversary of ASEAN Collection is a joint launch by ASEAN postal operators to commemorate the milestone. ASEAN was established on 8 August 1967 with the signing of the ASEAN Declaration by Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam joined subsequently making 10 member states of ASEAN today. The 50th Anniversary of ASEAN stamps present the national flowers of the ASEAN countries. The Singapore stamp features an illustration of the Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Price (Sheet): SGD $5.00 Add to Cart
Price (Stamp Set): SGD $3.00 Add to Cart
This issue places the spotlight on our very own national icon, the Merlion! The stamps put a fun and light-hearted spin on the Merlion posing in different kinds of greetings, which brings out the personable and endearing side of our national icon.

Price (Stamp Set): SGD $3.35 Add to Cart
Price (Booklet): SGD $3.00 Add to Cart

Historical Exhibits

If you love history as much as I do, then you’re gonna love these treasures that you’ll find in the Philatelic Store . Here’s some of my favourites pieces.
The Peranakan Stamp features a unique pouchshaped Collector’s Sheet intricately pasted by hand with ‘caviar beads’ and is the world’s first ever beaded stamp.
This copy of the postal manual published in 1960 contains rules and guidelines for various departments that were under the purview of the then Postal Services Department, Malaya.
These artefacts are the original handstamps and ink pads from the former General Post Office at the old Fullerton Building as well as post offices across the country.
This is an actual colonial-era Post Box that has been restored to its former glory and there are 2 of them here at the Philatelic Store! Drop a mail for your beloved friend or relative overseas in this Post Box and your letters will be marked with a special date stamp in red ink. That’s an incredibly special way to send your love this Christmas.

Changi Mystical Garden feat. Sanrio

This holiday, let Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, My Melody, Gudetama and Little Twin Stars bring warmth and joy to your loved ones with this special collection of Sanrio gifts that have been specially adapted from Changi Airport’s 2017 Christmas Style guide (dolls not included).

Gift Guide

Looking for unique gifts for your loved ones or the year end Secret Santa or Office Lucky Draw? Here is a Gift Guide I made specially for you to make your shopping experience easier.
We may not be sending out letters as much as we use to, yet the SingPost Postman and Postwoman continue to deliver – these days in packages more than postcards and letters. For more than 150 years, postmen have helped connect people across Singapore. With the launch of the General Post Office at SingPost Centre on 9 October 2017, the SingPost Postman and Postwoman are set to carry on doing this in the digital age. These limited edition collectibles pay tribute to our Postman and Postwoman.

Price (Postman): SGD $28 Add to Cart
Price (Postwoman): SGD $28 Add to Cart
Price (Bundle): SGD $50 Add to CartWe all know of a friend who has a collection of magnets on their refridgerator and what better way to add more charm to their kitchen with the Local Delights Traditional Biscuit Magnets! Each magnet features a picture of a popular old-school biscuit that will take you back to the good old days of Singapore.

Price (Set): SGD $28 Add to CartChangi’s Mystical Garden MyStamp Folder comes with a landyard too and will be great addition to your Sanrio loving girlfriend’s collection! Grab it before it’s gone!

Price (Set): SGD $21.80 Add to CartTis the season to go on vacation! Know of someone who’s working too much? Encourage them to take a break with these travel essentials.

Price (Par Avion Passport Holder Blue): SGD $9.90 Add to Cart
Price (Par Avion Passport Holder Red): SGD $9.90 Add to Cart
Price (Par Avion Organizer): SGD $9.90 Add to Cart
Price (Wanton Doodle Luggage Tag): SGD $4.90 Add to CartHow about a sentimental gift? Keep old letters or photographs in the vintage folder, coins in a little coin purse or a beautiful journal to pen your thoughts that also comes with a Peranakan bookmark to remember important notes.

Price (Peranakan Notebook): SGD $19.90 Add to Cart
Price (Vintage Document Holder): SGD $15.90 Add to Cart
Price (Vintage Coin Purse): SGD $6.90 Add to CartA great gift for your colleagues – nifty and useful essentials for the office to keep stationaries in place.

Price (Postal Laptop Bag): SGD $15.90 Add to Cart
Price (Postal Pencil Case): SGD $9.90 Add to Cart
Price (Postal Lanyard): SGD $4.90 Add to CartHave a loved one studying or working abroad and can’t make it back in time for Christmas? Cheer them up with a piece of home of the Merlion in fun poses.

Price (Stamp Set): SGD $3.35 Add to Cart
Price (Booklet): SGD $3.00 Add to Cart
Price (Postcards Pack A): SGD $5.00 Add to Cart
Price (Postcards Pack B): SGD $5.00 Add to CartHave a loved one living abroad? Send them a lovely note on a postcard and drop it into the Red Colonial Postbox to add that special touch to your greeting.

Price (Posting Boxes Postcards with Stamps): SGD $13.50 Add to Cart
Price (Posting Boxes Postcards without Stamps): SGD $8.00 Add to Cart
Price (Posting Boxes Stamps): SGD $8 Add to Cart

It’s really convenient to buy these gifts online but coming down here will definitely be worth your while. I hope you were able to see what the Philatelic Store has beyond just stamps and postcards and have fun shopping this festive season!Reference:
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