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Sarah Jean Lashes: 5 Looks for the Festive Season

Christmas is nearing and so is the New Year! That means lots of parties and events to attend. This year, I got myself some Sarah Jean Lashes to change up my party look and, as promised, here is a Look Book featuring 5 pairs of Sarah Jean Lashes and my experience with each of them.

SJ001 – Sarah Jean’s most popular style and I can see why. This was the first of the 5 pairs I tried on while in a hurry to attend an event and I was amazed at how easy it was to apply and the oomph they gave to my look.

SJ002 – This was the easiest to apply probably because they were a perfect fit and I didn’t need to cut them. Recommended for asian eyes and suitable for casual or dressy events.

SJ003 – Very natural looking and suitable if you’re not big with drawing eyeliner on your eyelids or going for a casual ‘no-makeup’ look. I didn’t put on eyeliner with this pair so you can see how incredibly natural they look, as if I was born with naturally long lashes.

SJ004 – If you’re more daring with your eye makeup, you’re gonna love this pair! Instant glamourous fluffy eyes with little effort. I had to trim it down in order to fit my eyes but I love how amazing they look! Great for day or night functions, dressy and light weight too!

SJ005 – The ‘WOW’ lashes best worn with smokey eyes to bring on the drama. Despite them being full lashes, they didn’t look overwhelmingly gaudy like how some full lashes. Suitable for date nights, you won’t scare the boy away, lol. This is easily one of my favourites.

Are you a Sarah Jean Lash convert yet? I know I am. Check out the full introduction to Sarah Jean Lashes and make your purchases for the festive season before they get snapped up! Hesitating because you’re not sure how to apply these fabulous Sarah Jean Lashes? I’ll be covering that soon on the next and final part of my Sarah Jean Lashes series.

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