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The Art of Gift Giving in Singapore with XOXO

The art of gift giving is a concept which differs drastically between cultures especially here in Singapore where it’s a melting pot of people from different religious and cultural backgrounds so it can come as a shock and can be quite overwhelming if you’re giving a gift to a Singaporean/Asian friend. A little background knowledge for foreign friends – Singapore is made up of many ethic cultures mainly the Chinese (75%), Malays (14%), Indians (9%) and many others too! To help you with your gifting process, I have compiled some gift giving tips for the 3 main ethnic groups in Singapore for the next celebration, house-warming, birthday party, wedding or simply to say thank you.

Gifts to Avoid for Chinese

Clocks – The phrase “gifting a clock” which is “送钟 (sòng zhōng)” sounds like “送终 (sòng zhōng)”, which carries a connotation of death. It means finishing all affairs of a burial ceremony. Therefore clocks are a BIG NO-NO. Watches, (手表 shǒu biǎo), may be acceptable but still best avoided unless you know the person well.

Umbrellas – The word for umbrella, “伞 (sǎn)” sounds like “散 (sàn)” which means “to separate”. By giving someone an umbrella, you are suggesting that you want the relationship to end.

Green Hats – The phrase “to wear a green hat” or “戴绿帽 (dài lǜ mào)” meaning a man’s wife is cheating on him.

Shoes – Giving shoes simply means walking away. It is also believed that you are giving a signal for your loved one to leave you.

Gifts to Avoid for Malays

Pork – Almost all Malays in Singapore are Muslims hence they are forbidden to consume or touch anything that is assosiated with pigs. For food, ensure there is a Halal-Certified label and ensure that clothing or footwear does not have pig-skin.

Alcohol – In Islam, it is also forbidden to consume or apply alcohol so avoid gifting beer and liquor. As for perfume, it is best to check with the receiver or preferably purchase perfumes with 0% alcohol.

Gifts to Avoid for Indians

Beef – Not all Indians are Hindus in Singapore but the majority who are, do not consume beef. If you are buying food products, best to check if they are strictly vegetarian and if not, consumption of meat is usually chicken or mutton.

Leather – Made of cow hide or anything related should be avoided for the same reason mentioned above.

Wrapping for Festivals

Design of the wrappers, ribbons and tags are flexible but best to present your gifts according to the festivities.

Chinese New Year – Red, Gold with auspicious words, symbols and numbers.
Hari Raya Aidilfitri/Aidiladha – Green with heartfelt greeting.
Deepavali – Gold, Bright colours for celebration with heartfelt greeting.

For other celebrations such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings, you can consider adding some pretty florals or cute designs to your gifts.
Now that you have a brief idea of how we present gifts in Singapore, you can go about purchasing and wrapping those gifts. Introducing my personal favourite, XOXO, where you’ll find unique Gift Tags made of well crafted unique plastic paper for your friends and loved ones!

  • High-quality card stock at affordable prices.
  • Tons of fun designs and themes to choose from.
  • Adds personality to your gifts for loved ones.
  • Add a finishing touch to products for your customers for business owners.

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The best gifts comes from the heart, even better handmade. So spread the love with these fun gift tags from XOXO! Who are these pretty gifts for you might ask? That brings me to the next half of this post. Since I’m in the spirit of giving, Christmas came early here on Love Bella Vida because I’ve passed 1000 Likes on the Facebook Page and over 4000 Followers on Instagram! To thank you for your unwavering support, for taking your precious time to read what I have to say and for your sweet words through comments and DMs, I’ve decided to put together a collection of products I’ve mentioned in past entries and Instagram stories for 3 Lucky Readers!


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