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I’m back at J Studios at Haji Lane again for a follow up consultation. During my last visit here, I was pampered with the Amino Nano Hair Treatment and Oxygen Facial which I’ve loved immensely and I’m glad to know some of you loved J Studios amazing services too! This time, I’ll be reviewing another one of J Studio’s popular treatments – Perfect Solution Facial Treatment. Upon my return, noticed that the walls have been covered with roses! How gorgeous!

The Perfect Solution Facial Treatment is customised to your skin’s needs using essential oils blended just for you while it thoroughly cleanses and nourishes your skin. Here I am complaining about everything that is wrong with my face to Vwen, my beautician, during consultation while she patiently listened and assessed my skin concerns.

Although you’re able to choose your prefered treatment, I suggest you take the advice of your beautician as she’s the expert and will be able to tell you which treatment will be best for you. I was advised to go for the Hydrating and Moisturizing Treatment as my skin tends to produce excess oil on dry patches on my face; the woes of working under the sun resulting to combination skin. However, due to your body’s reaction to the environment, your skin’s needs may change and the next time I’m back, I may need Brightening & Whitening perphaps?

Perfect Solution Facial

Duration: 60 Minutes
First Trial: $38

Choice of Treatment

  • Hydrating & Moisturizing
  • Purifying & Acne
  • Brightening & Whitening
  • Repairing & Anti Aging

I was really excited to know that the Perfect Solution Facial Treatment focuses on facial massage techniques and the use of J Studio’s in-house aromatherapy essential oils with less use of machines which I’m totally all for! But do note that due to this, they may need to do extraction which I’m used to anyways. If you’re heading out after your treatment and want to avoid redness on your skin, no worries, you can top-up $38 for Oxygen Deep Cleansing and you’re good to go!

Yes, I know, go ahead and laugh because I burst out laughing when I saw this. I looked like a chocolate chip cookie! As ridiculous as I looked, it felt amazing as this specially blended mask had to be delicately placed in layers over my eyes and face giving a cooling and utterly relaxing sensation. Nothing beats having a mask right after a thorough cleansing of those nasty blackheads. Just relax, listen to the calming music while you dance in a lavender field in your head (since I was in the Lavender Room, lol) and go into a slumber.After 10 minutes, it was time for my favourite part of the Perfect Solution Facial Treatment. I’m obviously enjoying my face massage with my customised essential oil blends and Vwen’s magical hands relieving all the tensed muscles stimulating blood circulation in my face, neck and shoulders. To end off the session, I was treated to toner, moisturizer and sunscreen by Hovita, J Studio’s very own skin care line.

Glowing skin! My skin felt more energised and more ‘awake’ after the relaxing treatment. And as you can see, the use of essential oils did not feel oily at all, instead, it made my skin feel more even and balanced! Totally in love with the Perfect Solution Facial and would definitely recommend this especially after a tired work week.

For even better results, the Perfect Solution Facial Treatment goes well with Hovita Aromatherphy products for your skin’s after care. A review coming soon! J Studios also offers a host of other services for your beauty needs. Have a look around J Studios @ Haji Lane on my previous visit.

J Studios, 31 Haji Lane, Singapore 189224
Tel: +65 9182 8565

J Studios, Blk 352 Jurong East Street 31, #01-131, Singapore 600352
Tel: +65 9182 8565

Open Daily: 1030 – 2200

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