Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort


Last weekend, our dearest Susu had put together a night of fun and surprises at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa. It was a small birthday getaway for Mariyah and myself after the crazy months we’ve both had. Shadan and Benna were there too as our ‘presents’ because this party won’t be complete without them. Join us as we soak in a Jacuzzi, dance in our onesies and be in for a surprise with a bridesmaids proposal!

It was a busy afternoon when we arrived at the lobby so I couldn’t take a picture of the front desk without having so many people in the photo. You’ll never know who will kaobei that I’m not given permission to post their face on here (as if I’d want to), so to play it safe, here’s a picture to the left of the entrance of the lobby. I thought it was nice that they have a welcome station where guests can grab water and local snacks.We were escorted to our suite via a buggy!

We were really excited to see our suite. I personally loved how the rooms were built into previous British Colonial Barracks complete with a veranda and a back porch where we were greeted by a jacuzzi.Here’s a tour of our suite.

Of course, we wasted no time getting into the Jacuzzi together for drinks and deep conversations lol.We spent literally the whole day in the Jacuzzi then went to have dinner out of the island. When we got back, we each took turns to take a shower and got dressed in our onesies!A snapshot of us goofing around. Shadan – Charmander, Me – White Unicorn, Mariyah – Blue Unicorn, Benna – Bunny, Susu – Pink Unicorn.Then, Susu surprised me and Mariyah with presents for our birthdays. Hmmm… what could be in this box? Click here to find out!This was one of the most favourite and precious moments of our friendship together. Mariyah and me are thrilled (Mariyah screamed until I went deaf in one ear LOL)!!! Susu put in so much effort, from planning our birthdays despite her busy schedule and a flu, getting us the onesies and making the surprise message in a box from scratch all through the night. Truly one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met; I feel extremely blessed to have crossed paths with her one fine morning on the western end of Sentosa, held each other through sunshine and rain (literally), grew up together and going to be by her side as she gets married (omg, tearing as I type this down…). Through everything, she has never stopped cheering me on and for sure, I will never stop breaking the faces of people who try to hurt her. I love you Susu and to you too Mariyah, Adan and Benna! Thank you Benna for being a surprise birthday present for Mariyah, putting that smile on her face and for helping Susu out with the plan. Adan, thank you for always being the supportive brother to Susu even during hard times and to me too. My heart is so full of love and I’m so grateful and honoured. 2017 is gonna be an amazing year, looking forward to it.

Planning your next staycation @ Amara Sanctuary Resort?

Amara Sanctuary Resort

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