The Dream Guy

I have been frequently asked this question – “What’s the kinda guy you’re looking for?“.

Lets see. I’ve never really asked myself this question mostly since I was with one man for almost half of my life so far. And now having had my heart broken and state of livelihood in a tangled mess, it’s a thought that I now think of carefully.

This post for fun so please don’t take this too seriously, it’s ok if you don’t have one, two or any of these traits, you can go ahead and write your own list of the perfect guy/girl, everyone’s allowed to have their own taste or standards.

So what exactly is my kinda guy?

I want someone who likes the sun, sand and the sea because it was always my biggest love. Someone who loves water activities is a bonus. At the same time, I would love a man who can enjoy the nightlife, bring me my favourite drinks, dance with me till morning, party like a Rockstar but not too often though.

One of my dreams is to travel as much of the world as I can cover. And it would be nice if I can have a companion who would love to travel too. Travelling together, in my opinion, will help you to know each other better and build a closer bond as a couple. Planning a trip and experiencing the journey together takes time, effort and trust.

Then, there’s the intellectual side. It would be nice to have a man who loves history. Mostly so he can accompany me for my museum visits and not get bored to death when I talk about how Emperor Jahan built the Taj Mahal after the death of his beloved wife. Bonus if he loves history more than I do so that he can teach me a thing or two. Also, he must be able to speak English well enough to converse with me (my Malay sucks big time). Communication plays a big role in a relationship and him having to ask “Ape tu?” 3/4 of the time, blows.

How about in the looks department? He doesn’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous. I’m not out to date a Ken Doll, I know that everyone has their own imperfections and that is what makes them unique and special. As long as he looks pleasant, healthy and doesn’t smell bad is good enough for me. However, there are just a few aspects that I cannot just simply shake off. He must be taller than me when I wear my heels. Must. I don’t want to have to bend to kiss him. I cannot stand bad body odour. Its disgusting and repulsive. And I prefer tanned men. It shows that he’s out in the sun a lot, ok, maybe not, I’m just not into Edward Cullen pale guys. And of course, a man who can dress and carry himself well enough to compliment me. Other than these, I guess I can overlook anything else. I don’t mind if you smoke, drink, have your whole body covered in tattoos, Indian, Chinese, Malay, Caucasian, have scars or birth marks, bald/white hair or had a dark past as long as you’re sincere and genuine and not just out for a fling.

On a more serious note, he must be able to accept my family for all their crazy antics and madness as they are never short of drama. Of course, not forgetting my friends. The key to this heart is through my mother, siblings, cousins and friends as these people mean the world to me. So to be able to love them as much as I do, you’d steal my heart almost immediately.

But most importantly, he must be able to accept me for who I truly am. This is something that I’ve learned from my previous relationships. I’m not perfect. There are days that I’m gonna have acne attacks and waking up to my hair in a mess. I love wearing denim shorts, bikinis and red lipstick. I’m an avid bookworm, I am obsessed over fairy tales, mermaids and princesses. I have a tendency to shop extravagantly once in awhile to indulge myself or worse, when I’m terribly upset and holding a wad of cash. I don’t smoke but I occasionally love my Bailys Irish Cream or Pinacolada. I’m quiet around people I don’t know very well but I laugh uncontrollably loud and go annoyingly crazy around those I’m comfortable with. I sing horribly but I’ll sing anyways. I cry easily and can get overly emotional at times. I give my hugs freely and readily to anyone who needs them. I fall sick frequently and it can get quite scary.

I know there is a high possibility that I may not get a guy with all of these qualities. But it was fun writing them up and thinking up my ‘perfect’ man and what’s important to me. It helped me understand myself clearer and it does make a good guideline!

Well, I hope I didn’t scare any potential suitors out there who might have found me attractive, lol!  Just make me laugh and that will be a good start. Kisses to you, till the next entry.

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