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  • Athens 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part II)

    Athens 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part II)

    So on our second day in Athens, we had a lot going on! On this episode, we visit the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, shop in the Plaka District, watch the changing of the Evrone guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, feed some fat hungry pigeons, visit a Metro Station that was built on […]

  • Athens 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part I)

    Athens 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part I)

    Before I begin this travel series, I would first like to mention that I know the term ‘Couplemoon’ does not exist. It was made up by Lisa. It is when a couple travels together who aren’t married yet. Well, there are Honeymoon for newly weds and Babymoon for expecting parents so why not a Couplemoon […]

  • How to be Parisian in Singapore

    How to be Parisian in Singapore

    Prior to the purchase of How to be Parisian Wherever You Are, I’ve always thought of French women to be very well put together in appearance and in general. Their way of life and culture has always intrigued me. Because of this, amongst the many books that I could’ve chosen to buy, I wanted to […]

  • A Merry Little Christmas

    A Merry Little Christmas

    Features: Christian Dior Diorific Nail Vernice (Christmas Edition) Tiffany & Co Embrace Engagement Ring Jimmy Choo Pavé Crystal Suede Pumps (Cruise 2013 Collection) Claire Pettibone Kristine Couture Bridal Dress Moet et Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne

  • Dream in Colour

    Dream in Colour

    Life is an art, paint your dreams. Dress: H&MHat: H&MBag: Longchamp Le PliageWedges: Charles & Keith

  • Just Believe

    Just Believe

    She believed she could, so she did. Top: H&M BasicsRibbon: Forever 21Skirt: BangkokSandals: Bangkok

  • A Guide to Choosing Lipsticks

    A Guide to Choosing Lipsticks

    Lipsticks are some of women’s most essential part of our beauty routine. Even women who don’t wear a full face of makeup would want to apply lipstick at least during special occasions. Lipstick can add a little colour to your outfit for functions and make you appear more professional for work. But the most common […]

  • Designer Name Dictionary

    Designer Name Dictionary

    I stumbled upon a page on Bazaar Magazine’s Website and thought it’d be interesting to share. In today’s urban society, many of us wear and carry big designer names but not necessarily pronounce them correctly. Below are some familiar names and their proper pronunciation. Acne: ahk-nay Anna Sui: anna swee Anya Hindmarch: ahn-yuh hind-marsh Azzedine Alaia: azz-eh-deen ah-lie-ah Badgley […]

  • My Jewellery Collection

    My Jewellery Collection

    Every woman has a piece of jewellery that she loves. Which woman doesn’t love jewellery? It doesn’t have to be diamond encrusted or worth thousands of dollars. In fact, the most treasured pieces are the ones that hold a sentimental value. Maybe it was a piece that you have spend years saving up for? Or […]

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