How to be Parisian in Singapore

how to be parisian in sgPrior to the purchase of How to be Parisian Wherever You Are, I’ve always thought of French women to be very well put together in appearance and in general. Their way of life and culture has always intrigued me. Because of this, amongst the many books that I could’ve chosen to buy, I wanted to learn how to be French (on eBooks Google Play). Admit it, you secretly wish you could be French too.

Upon reading the eBook, I realized that being “Parisian” is not from being born in Paris but rather an attitude. But of course, the French culture is a world different from the kiasu Singaporean way of living. Here are some notes on what I’ve learned from the book and how to incorporate the French attitude in our sunny Island City.

“You don’t have to spend a decade’s worth of salary on your wardrobe or flaunt designer brands the whole time. All you need is one signature item – the one you wear when you need to feel strong”.

Singaporean Style: High End designer bags with logos swiped with their credit cards or bought by her boyfriend, flats and slippers with logos, blogshop and Bugis Village clothes, matching couple outfits. Follows trend closely. Comfort and practicality triumphs.

Parisian Style: Follows the less is more concept, vintage passed down from her parents/grandparents or bought at thrift stores. Tries to stay clear from having too many logos. Spends money on a few quality staple pieces and mix them up with accessories to create different outfits. Dressing up is more of a trait than a trend.

“Do not dye your hair, or if you do, only in your original colour to highlight it or to cover any grey. This rule is more or less followed by everyone – you keep the colour Mother Nature choose for you”.

Singaporean on Hair: Must be dyed any colour other than black (the natural hair colour), mostly dyed brown, copper, blonde and recently, any funky colour (pink, blue, green, etc). On top of dyeing hair, curling and mostly straightening the hair is ideal, willing to spend on hairstyling tools and products. The louder the hair, the bigger the statement.

Parisian on Hair: The lived-in ‘Bed Head’ look that won’t look like she spent a long time on because she wants you to think she’s got better things to do. Spends on hair care products so that her lived-in hair will still look healthy and rarely ever uses a hair-dryer or styling products. She dons a short to medium hair length for easy maintenance and only go to one hairstylist.

“Skin should look natural. You must not stifle the story behind the natural colouring of your skin. French women avoid using foundations, which merely serves as a shroud and therefore trivializes”.

Singaporean on Makeup: She loves her makeup. Foundation is a must and is always obsessed about covering her imperfections and that no-shine look. Eyeliner and false lashes are also crucial to her, not forgetting the big-eye contact lenses. Thanks to Kim K, she now contours her face in attempt to look slimmer.

Parisian on Makeup: Just like her hair, her concept on makeup is the same – it must look simple and effortless. She has a hint of blush on but her lips are a statement red. She wears little or no foundation but takes great care of her skin with products from her local French pharmacy.

“And of course, a touch of perfume behind your ear or on the nape of your neck never did anyone any harm”.

Singaporean on Perfume: Fruity and floral scents are her favourite. She particularly likes body mists and the usual scents that her friends have too in order to fit in. The sprays said body mist all over her body.

Parisian on Perfume: Has a few classics for the different seasons. Her scent is personal to her and would prefer not to smell like the next girl, keeps her scent a secret. Spritz on just a little on her wrists and areas she wants to be kissed.

“Jealousy is a complete bore for all involved. Instead of fanning the flames and causing a scene, you could say, “Not only is that woman beautiful, she’s fun and clever too!” Acknowledging the fantasy is the surest way of extinguishing the spark”.

Singaporean on Relationships: She gets jealous when her boyfriend compliments any girl besides herself. She throws a hissy fit or sulks when things don’t go her way. She threatens to leave him often not meaning to do so.

Parisian on Relationships: Sulking to her is an act of self-punishment. Instead, she is cheerful, bright and sensual, he will realise what he’s losing out on. Instead of threatening to disappear, she disappears for real.

I am really enjoying this book and will definitely be referring to this for future event; it gives you useful insights on how being pregnant and having children describes your being but does not define you, different French recipes and how to set your dinner table to how to make your boyfriend think you have a lover. Its a really fun read and I found my self chuckling on most of the chapters. May purchase more books from my A Fashion Bookworm’s Wish List.

If you’d like to learn how to be Parisian, you can purchase the eBooks on Google Play (like I did) or buy the book that has three different to be parisian book coversI shall leave this post with some of my favourite points from How to be a Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style & Bad Habits.parisian tips
How to be Parisian Wherever You Are

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