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I haven’t changed my professional brushes since graduating from Cosmoprof Academy in 2012. Since then, I’ve tried using many different brushes besides the ones we were taught to use in school. Most I’ve picked up from work and some from friends and client’s personal brushes. But I admit, I couldn’t let go of my Cosmoprof brushes despite them being so jagged up and old now. Maybe it’s the sentimental value – being my first few professional brushes that have got me through school and jobs or maybe I’ve just been so comfortable with using them.Then, my baby brother Sukri got me these babies from Sephora as a Christmas gift (awww, I know right, I got them for Christmas last year and I’m only showing them to you now). I decided to pimp them up a little with this tape I got from Typo.
Since then, I’ve bought a few more brushes from Sephora to add to the collection and to replace my very old personal ELF brushes. Really loving these brushes as they’re soft, affordable and the designs are simple and chic which makes it easy to add your own trademark. I’ve known some artist who’ve painted the tip of their brush handles with nail polish and some paste their name stickers to differentiate their brushes from other’s especially when doing jobs with a few other artists. So I decided I wanted ‘lace trimmings’ on mine.

So what did I do with my old Cosmoprof brushes? I’m still keeping them of course. As much as I’m loving these Sephora ones, I’ll never know when I’ll need them…

Thank you Sukri darling for these and thank you beautiful people for stopping by.

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