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  • Coffee Table Books for Your Home

    Coffee Table Books for Your Home

    Coffee Table books play a big part in accessorising the home. They look great on shelves and adds personality and style to the decor. I’ve always love looking through Coffee Table books, its like getting an insight into the home owner’s mind and heart. So when I got my home, I wanted my very own…

  • Ariston Andris Slim 30 (SL30) Storage Heater

    Ariston Andris Slim 30 (SL30) Storage Heater

    I take long showers, I take them regularly and I’m not ashamed to say that. I love my showers, there’s just nothing like coming home from a long, hot, sweaty day of work, standing under the shower and just let it wash away all that grime and stress. In fact, I told Shine that one…

  • Our HDB BTO Home Plan

    Our HDB BTO Home Plan

    Surprise, we got our keys! We collected them way back in January actually. Sorry we took so long to update but I really did not want to rush through this particular post because it’s a big milestone in our lives and marriage and there really is a lot that I would like to share from…

  • Hermes Through the Walls Exhibition

    Hermes Through the Walls Exhibition

    When you think of Hermes, you’d probably think of Birkin and Kelly handbags when in fact, Hermes has been making furniture since the 1920s. At Hermes Through the Walls Exhibition created specially for Singapore, experience the French luxury brand’s home collection of furniture, fabric and wallpaper.The exhibition, inspired by the anarchitecture of Gordon Matta-Clark, showcases…

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