NATRAHEA is a leading brand in the chiropractic and pain management industry and is the First Smart Pain Management & Rehabilitation Clinic in Singapore to use Robotics for Pain & Spinal Treatment.

I had the privilege to attend NATRAHEA’s Official Launch Event of ROBOMAX in celebration on the 10th Anniversary and to experience this revolutionary advancement in pain management solution from Korea.

NATRAHEA Patient Experience

NATRAHEA ROBOMAX Official Launch Event

The duration of NATRAHEA’s Patient Experience is 60 minutes in the following sequence.

  • Clinic Introduction
  • Posture Analysis
  • Pre-consultation
  • Muscle & Spine Physical Assessment
  • ROBOMAX Therapy
  • Functional Wellness Therapy
  • Post-consultations and Recommendations

The Importance of the Spine

Spinal health gives the body structure and support.  The spine protects the spinal cord and associated nerves, which are connected to the brain and many vital organs. Any misalignment of the spine will result in the nerves being affected and might lead to serious consequences or illnesses if left untreated for prolonged period such as hormonal imbalances, migraines, headaches, long-term pain in back, neck or joints, knee pain, numbness or tingling in hands or feet, decreased range of motion, even mental issues.

NATRAHEA ROBOMAX is recommended especially for those who are desk-bound, leading sedentary lifestyles or those who are suffer from sports injuries as well as senior citizens to rebalance spine and nervous system and to minimise or eliminate any associated pain. Patients are able to improve their posture, gain better mobility, increase their energy and strength as such and ultimately reducing overall mind and body stresses.

By 2025, Asia will have 456 million senior citizens aged 65 and above, representing 10% of the total population. This is a 14% increase from 2021, a significant demographic shift; increasing the demand for services such as rehabilitation and musculoskeletal management.

Posture Analysis

NATRAHEA Posture Analysis

Yikes. It was instilled in me from a young age to stand and sit up straight so I didn’t think I had issues with my posture until this analysis! It seems like a lot of my body shifted forward due to the way I move during daily activities overtime which resulted in shifts and tilts and cause migraines and back aches in my case.

ROBOMAX and Functional Wellness Therapy


NATRAHEA ROBOMAX is an advanced 4D Rehabilitation Technology that targets pain in the neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back and hips, spinal deformities to accelerate muscle and spinal recuperation. With proven lab studies, this cutting-edge, smart technology is paired alongside NATRAHEA’s professional service and efficacy standards to provide patients a highly successful pain management and spinal recovery.

The smart robotic technology is able to rehab and treat the spine at multiple angles at the same time with Zero Gravity.  The session aids spinal elongation, helps to reduce internal disc pressure, correct the posture, restores natural spinal alignment and reduce pain, ultimately shifting the spine into is ideal natural curve to restore balance and is an excellent alternative to other invasive methods for pain management. With ROBOMAX, you can expect the sessions and results to be consistent as the cervical, thoracic and lumbar region are treated simultaneously with eight cylinders. For optimal recovery, it is recommended to go through 12 sessions of ROBOMAX.

NATRAHEA ROBOMAX seat is made of firm, high quality urethane foam than the usual vinyl plastic cushion seat providing better grip during the rehab session. Getting wrapped around may seem intimidating at first but I felt so relaxed while it does the stretching for you. You can take a nap easily or watch the relaxing visuals on the TV above. I’m glad I took that time to rest because the Functional Wellness Therapy that followed by the Chiropractor was painful but necessary.


As shown on my posture analysis, my shoulders and hips were targeted. There parts of my hips, neck and back that I didn’t know was causing me pain until I received the massage especially for sports injuries. I was also taught how to stretch during and before my runs, how to stretch in between desk bound work and how to relief my back pains at home. I went home feeling lighter and took back some knowledge about my spinal health and tips on how to better care for my health too! Well worth the 60 minutes and you can even squeeze an appointment in a busy schedule.


A full session is worth SGD$250, new patients can experience the First-Time Trial at only SGD$68. Book your appointment for a step closer to healthier spine and overall health.

NATRAHEA, Orchard TripleOne Somerset, 111 Somerset Road, #05-02, Singapore 238164
Tel: +65 6235 5691

Opening Hours:
1000 – 1400, 1600 – 2000 (Mon-Fri)
0900 – 1300 (Sat)

(Closed on Sundays)

*All photos were taken from NATRAHEA Media Event.

NATRAHEA Singapore

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