Healthier Showers with Refresh Wellness Filters

I am a little more health and environmentally conscious especially since being a home and starting a family. I’ve almost sworn off anything that is made of plastic, only use glass containers and stainless steel cookware and now, shower filters. Maybe because my immune system is not as good as it was 5 years ago but mainly because I only want the best for my family and what better way to start than with a healthy and happy home?

I spend a long time in the shower. Maybe it’s because it’s where I begin and end my day and its my private time to reflect on the day’s events. I love using fragrant soaps or lighting up a scented candle while I wind down under a nice warm shower. Never thought about all the chlorine I’ve been soaking up too until recently since we started setting up our washrooms.

Why Use Refresh Wellness Shower Filters?

Price: SGD $59 each
Chanel Chance Inspired Shower Filter
Best Selling Unscented Shower Filter

  • Removes chlorine, rust and harmful substances.
  • Delays skin ageing and regenerate collagen layers.
  • Whitens and eliminates dark spots and freckles.
  • Relief acne and eczema problems.
  • Easy to attach and use on current shower head.
  • Protects your family.

Residual chlorine and metals are some of the harmful substances that is present in our tap water that may cause rashes, skin irritation and dryness. Refresh Shower Filters remove up to 99.9% of chlorine through chlorine absorbing beads to rejuvenate your skin and hair and best of all, it is best for sensitive skin, children and pets.

The Perfumed Shower Filter is the perfect compliment before a night out or even before bed time. Infused with a scent inspired by Chanel Chance, perfume can now last even longer. On top of adding that extra touch of sophistication into my shower, the Perfumed Shower Filters contain collagen which enhances my beauty regime while the Vitamin C antioxidants help to protect my body.


  1. Twist out the shower head from the hose.
  2. Twist in the filter in between the shower head and the hose.
  3. Turn on the water and enjoy a healthier shower.

You can choose to attach the filter to the faucet but I decided to attach it to the shower head for easier access. If you choose to bring it on vacation or business trips, attaching the filter to the shower head is more convenient, attaching and removing it from the faucet will require a spanner, ain’t got no time for that.
So, does the Chanel Chance Inspired Shower Filter smell like Chanel Chance? It has the familiar powdery and floral notes that makes Chanel Chance and the washroom smell so good after a shower! I’ve also noticed that my hair feels less coarse and much smoother since using Refresh Shower filters. My skin is also less dry, the itchy patches suspicious of being eczema – behind the knees, feet and upper lip – are not itchy anymore! I’m not kidding you, its like friggin magic! So the culprit of my itchy skin has been chlorine all along or this filter just illuminates whatever it is in the environment that was causing my skin to itch.

I’m sold not only for saving my skin from itching, flaking and dry patches but also for the amazing scent making my showers a relaxing and therapeutic daily event. My next scents will be Lavender, Rose, Honey and Baby Scent.

Try the shower filters out yourselves! Refresh Wellness is currently having a 30 Days Challenge and win attractive prizes. Get in the trend, remove chlorine from water and enjoy a wonderful healthy shower experience. 100% full refund if the unscented filter does not help you to remove chlorine and turn into yellowish-brown.

Refresh Wellness

Make Up Forever HD Skin Foundation

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