Laser Treatment for Flawless Skin with Aesthetics Central Clinic (Part II)

I had my first aesthetics treatment at Aesthetics Central Clinic about a year ago. Yes, my journey to a more clearer skin took me about 10 months. I was first introduced to the Q-Switch Treatment to help even out my skin-tone and scars on Part 1. Then, at the start on 2019, I had a sudden breakout, most probably from frequent visits to our new home and may have reacted from the combination of dust, dirt and heat. Hence, I had to switch to Agnes Treatment to tackle re-occurring acne.

Agnes Acne Treatment

Agnes Treatment is one of the most effective cystic acne treatments in Singapore as it is a non-surgical treatment from Korea designed to treat stubborn, chronic acne. It targets the root problem of acne by destroying hyperactive sebaceous glands responsible with lesser down time with long-term results.

Pros of Agnes Acne Treatment

  • Permanent way of destroying problem pores and over-active sebaceous gland.
  • Less invasive than other forms of permanent acne management.

Cons of Agnes Acne Treatment

  • Has downtime of 5 to 10 days.
  • Can take quite a while to perform if you have many areas to treat.

Compared to the Q-Switch, the procedure for Agnes Treatment took about 2 hours as it is a lot more tedious. They would first have to cleanse my face, apply a gel substance and inject anaesthetic into parts of my face to numb it for the procedure. This was very painful as the needle is long and it had to stay in place for awhile to let the anaesthetic seep in. I distinctively remembered the jab on my nose which really took a lot in me to endure. After the anaesthetic kicked in, Dr. Ryan proceeded to burn my problematic pores using insulated micro-needles to administer radio-frequency energy precisely on each problem pore which I have many of! The entire procedure took about 2 hours and some parts of my face was still numb like my jaw so it made it hard for me to talk. Advisable to drive or Grab back and you’ll see why as I’ve documented my skin’s progress after the treatment.

2 Hours

By the time I arrived home after the treatment, it was pass 7PM so the lighting wasn’t that great. But even in the bad lighting, you can clearly see the puss oozing out of the big cystic acne that was sitting on my chin for over a week. Then were some scarring from the needles used during the treatment like the one under the tip of my nose, skin was red and swollen and my face still felt numb from the anaesthesia administered during the procedure.

Day 1

The morning after the procedure, my face did not feel numb any more but it stung around my chin and nose. Puss from that acne on my chin dried overnight (IKR, ewww) and the excess oil from my dead pores on my nose are starting to surface. It’s important to note that you should NOT pick or attempt to squeeze them out on your own. Extraction will be done at Aesthetics Central Clinic on the day after the Agnes Treatment procedure.

Day 2

The morning after the extraction, I started to see my face covered in tiny black dots. These are the dead pores that have been zapped and killed during the procedure hence they’ve dried out and won’t be producing oil. That acne stopped feeling painful but turned a slightly blue from the extraction. At this point, I thought my chin reminded me of strawberries and it made me lose my appetite.

Day 3

I still looked like a strawberry but a little less red now. I noticed that the pores on my chin that were surrounding the acne are starting to purge out oil, 2 days after the pores on my nose and cheeks. Soon they’ll dry out, turn black and fall off. In fact, on the 3rd day was when I saw a lot of the tiny dots on the cotton pad while toning revealing clear pores, yay!

Day 4

Most of the tiny black dots have fallen off. A few of the pores on my chin are still at the purging stage while my right cheek is almost completely clear of tiny scabs.

Day 5

So stoked that my skin is almost completely clear of scabs and puss except for our friend on the chin which will probably take a while to purge. I can finally leave the house today but not without applying heaps of sunblock and the umbrella though which are now the staple in my carry-on.

2 Months After Treatment

It’s been 2 months since my last treatment with Aesthetics Central Clinic and my skin is so much more clearer, brighter and even-toned as a result of the Q-Switch Treatments over a period of 10 months and 1 Agnes Treatment procedure. With my problem pores destroyed, the hair follicles do not get inflamed and infected any more and a result, acne goes away permanently. The cystic acne that use to show up almost monthly around the same areas haven’t made an appearance since! However, because we have millions of pores, it will be impossible to get to every single one so I still do get a pimple from the pores that weren’t zapped but it doesn’t stay very long.

It’s also important to remember that you will still have to care for your skin with proper skin care, remove your makeup and avoid the sun as your good pores can always turn on you. No matter how many treatments you go for, skin care is still important.

Tips for Skincare After Agnes Acne Treatment

  1. Apply your skincare regime every day and night.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. Walk under sheltered areas and carry an umbrella everywhere.
  3. Remember to apply sunblock and don’t forget to remove sunblock with a makeup remover before washing your face as the residue builds up on your skin.
  4. Go for facials at least once a month if possible to remove any dead skin cells and build up that may clog your healthy pores.
  5. Avoid scratching or touching your face.

I hope this was helpful and if you wish to know more about Agnes Treatment, do let the kind people at Aesthetics Central Clinic know that you read this article for a free consultation to see if you will be suitable for it.

Aesthetics Central Clinic, 8 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Office One, #11-90, Singapore 059818
Tel: +65 6221 8221

Opening Hours:
1000 – 2000 (Mon – Fri)
1000 – 1400 (Saturdays)
(Closed on Sundays)

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