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VIP Fashion Presentation for Spotlight: Singapore Stories

National Day is just around the corner and this year marks Singapore’s Bicentennial — the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore in 1819. The Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF) launched Spotlight: Singapore Stories 2019 to raise awareness of the works of locally based designers and I was fortunate to be invited by Clozette to attend the event.

The evening began with a fashion presentation at the TENCEL Studio at Design Orchard followed by a display of the full collection at The Cocoon Space on the second floor of Design Orchard.7 designers come together to showcase their collection inspired by Singapore’s Bicentennial and their very own Singapore Stories.

CAYRA by Caylandrea Chang & Kyra Chang
CYC by Cara Chiang
ESTHER TAY by Esther Tay
JOAN GUO by Joanne Quek
KANYEKA by Kanchan Gaitonde
KAYLOO by Kristin Loo
Each designer had at least 1 piece that I really loved and it’s hard to pin point on a favourite. Looking forward to see them launch for purchase on their respective websites and online stores and what better way to celebrate National Day than to don on a local designer’s outfit?

Selected Singapore Stories creations will be available at Design Orchard Level 1 for purchase throughout the month of August.

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