Taiwan External Trade Development Council Fresh Produce and Processed Food

Have you been to Taiwan? If you’re a Singaporean, chances are you may have visited Taiwan more than once! I recently got invited by Sample Store to attend Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) introduction to some of Taiwan’s fresh produce and processed food yet to be distributed in Singapore.Why do Singaporeans love Taiwan so much? The food of course! I love Taiwanese snacks and teas and I’m very please to see other varieties coming into Singapore so that we can enjoy these goodies at home too. These products are already available in Singapore and can be found in Fairprice, Prime Supermarket and Shen Siong. Time to stock up my pantry.

Companies of Fresh Produce

Tainan Madou District Farmers’ Association
Honey Pomelo Tea, Dry Pomelo with Plum, Youzisen
Sinshih District Farmer’s Association
Edamame Pastry, Edamame Furikake
Nan Shing TW Company
100% Pure Rice Noodle
Taichung Shigang District Farmers Association
Oriental Pears
Dongshi Grain Production Cooperative
Assorted Peanuts
Jiang Jiun Corporation
Black Soybean Vinegar and Black Beans
Mitagri Corporation
Pineapple, Atemoya (Custard Apple), Mango, Banana
Chingshui Farmers’ Association
Chive Noodles and Fresh Purple Waxy Corns

Brands Recommended

There was a wide variety of products to try and every company had unique quality products but let me share with you about these brands that I learned the most about.
Madou is known for the pomelo flower that is harvested when the flowers bloom during spring. In ancient times, pomelo was used to make the skin fair and smooth. According to the legend of the Qing Dynasty, pomelo flowers were collected and refined to make beauty oils and cosmetics for royalty. Pomelo is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, dietary fibres, pectin, organic acids, minerals and many more. Pectin is extracted and made into Wendan Citron Tea with no added fructose, corn syrup and preservatives.
Sinshih Edamame Pastries are made of Tea Beans which are a breed of edamame with taro flavour. Enjoy these edamame pastries with coffee or tea. Each box comes with 16 packets which makes it easy to pack on-the-go. Sinshih Edamame Furikake is a vegan, non-fried preservative and monosodium glutamate free product. Recommended to eat it with bibimbap or as rice balls or sushi with steamed vegetables.
Nan Shing Rice Noodles can be traced from 100 years ago made from traditional skills and has since added the use of modern cold grinding technology to manufacture and preserve the great taste of these rice noodles. The finishing touches are Hsinchu’s unique Winds of September to dry the noodles that makes them natural, flavourful and healthy.

Thank you for the invitation Sample Store! If you can’t tell already, I’m really excited to bring home some of these yummy Taiwanese fresh produce, food and fruits and I’ll be looking out for my favourites at supermarkets! Some of the supermarkets carrying these products are just a short walk from home so a taste of Taiwan will never be far again. Which of these would you like to try?

Sample Store

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