Les Parfums de Farcent Diffusers

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated about our home although I’m consumed with renovations now. Good news, my washrooms are complete and I’m only left with a few touches for our kitchen.
We pay our home a visit at least once a week to do some cleaning and light shifting so it won’t be so tiring when we move in once all our renovations are done. But that hasn’t stopped me from adding diffusers to keep our home smelling nice and clean.

Diffusers are really more than decorative pieces, they help to deodorise and personalise the scent of the room to make it an inviting place to return to. Let me share how I personalise the scents in my rooms with Les Parfums de Farcent. Diffusers in the market have limited scents but Les Parfums de Farcent is the first perfume-type of freshener with fragrance developed by renowned European perfume house, IFRA certified, safe and of high quality scented materials. The freshener comes in 2 forms – Perfume Diffusers and Perfume Sachets.

Perfume Diffusers

Les Parfums de Farcent Perfume Diffusers made from Japanese plant deodorisers and uses innovative odour elimination to bring fresh air. They are shaped like a perfume bottle and creates a nice touch to the environment of the room. 1 bottle lasts up to 4 to 8 weeks.


  1. Unscrew gold cap from glass bottle and remove plastic plug.
  2. Screw the gold cap back to the glass bottle.
  3. Insert the PET reed sticks.
  4. Place product on flat surfaces and wait for the fragrance to be released.
  5. Adjust the number of PET reed sticks to control the aroma concentration.

You can place them anywhere in your home. I chose to put one diffusers in each of my bathrooms as they are our very own mini spas and saving one for our bedroom.Star Magnolia Perfumed Diffuser for our bedside table for sweet dreams.
Freesia and English Pear Perfumed Diffuser for our Master Bedroom Washroom to go with the English Garden Spa theme.
Sea Salt and Wood Sage Perfume Diffusers for our Guest Washroom to go with the Seaside theme.

Other areas to place Les Parfums de Farcent Diffusers:

  • Living Room TV Cabinet
  • Kitchen Counter
  • Coffee Table

Perfume Sachets

Freshen your wardrobe and handbags with Les Parfums de Farcent Perfume Sachets. Fuss-free and very convenient, they come with pretty little black ribbons each to make it easier for you to hang them or tie them into a bow. 1 box comes with 3 sachets. 1 sachet last up to 30 days.


  1. Remove perfumed sachets from pouch.
  2. Insert ribbon through the hole at the top of the sachet.
  3. Hang it in wardrobe or simple place it in your drawer, cabinet or handbag.

I hang a sachet on kitchen cabinet, in my wardrobe and always have one in my bag.Freesia and English Pear Perfumed Sachet hanging from my new Kitchen cabinet to add a little zest and keep little critters away.
Sea Salt and Wood Sage Perfumed Sachet hanging in my current wardrobe and will have at least one sachet in every hanging compartment in our new wardrobe once it’s ready.
Star Magnolia Perfumed Sachet in my basket tote bag that I use to carry picnic items, props and as my handbag to keep it from moulding.

Other areas to place Les Parfums de Farcent Sachets:

  • Drawers
  • Cars

Love my new diffusers and how they make the little things in my home smelling fresh and beautiful. They make useful and inexpensive gifts for House Warming, Christmas and other special occasions. How will you be using your Les Parfums de Farcent Diffusers and Sachets for your home and lifestyle?

Specially for Love Bella Vida Readers:

Purchase from Sample Store to enjoy special promotions for members. Diffuser at $9.90 (u.p. $12.90) and perfumed sachets at $4.90 (u.p. $5.90).

Star Magnolia Perfumed Diffusers
Freesia and English Pear Perfumed Diffusers
Sea Salt and Wood Sage Perfumed Diffusers
Star Magnolia Perfumed Sachets
Freesia and English Pear Perfumed Sachets
Sea Salt and Wood Sage Perfumed Sachets

Redeem free samples of Les Parfums de Farcent from Sample Store.

SAMPLE Star Magnolia Perfumed Sachets
SAMPLE Freesia and English Pear Perfumed Sachets
SAMPLE Sea Salt and Wood Sage Perfumed Sachets
*Limited time only

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