Krabi 2017: Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee (Part II)

On Day 1 of Our Honeymoon, we explored the facilities Rayavadee had to offer. Day 2 of our stay in Rayavadee was spent Island Hopping and dining in a friggin cave! I’ve been waiting so long to do these and what better way than to check them off my Bucketlist than with my now *ahem husband? Blessed to be able to embark on this journey called marriage with you and to be able to explore the world together.

Before we spent our morning out at sea, we had our breakfast. Just look at this, we were literally having our morning coffee with a view!There was a wide selection to choose from the buffet and we could even order from the menu with no additional charges. The menu was awesome btw, I think Shine ordered Beef and Eggs on two occasions (PBG).

Island Hopping Tour

It was 9am and time for our private tour around the islands and snorkling! I know this is kinda noobish to mention but… it’s my first time snorkling in the big sea. I wanted to go for it because I really want to experience it with Shine knowing how much he loves the sea. It was quite scary when you look straight down at the darkness and wonder what lies beneath but at the same time, it felt very serene. I enjoyed playing with the fishes particularly the ones near Chicken Island! Watch our Honeymoon video to see it in action.

Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island is a small remote beach located at the north-easterly part of the Phi Phi Archipelago in southern Krabi. It is said that the island is almost shaped like a heart and is entirely surrounded by a strip of white sand. The central part of the island is covered with lush vegetation including Casuarinas and Bamboo trees that gave its name to the island.After spending over an hour on Bamboo Island snorkling, swimming in the blue waters, playing with hermit crabs and napping under the Casuarins trees, it was time to get back on the boat to see the other islands.

Chicken Island

My first thought before we arrived at Chicken Island was why did they call the island Chicken Island? Until I saw the island and instantly got it. The rock formation that looked very much like a skinny chicken head – how cute!After spending the whole morning out at sea, we came back to Rayavadee to have lunch by the beach as part of our package. We’ll be back to this part of the beach for a different dining experience later in the evening. But before that, let’s head over to the other side of Rayavadee.

Railay Beach

If you’re coming to Railay Beach through Ao Nang, its only accessible by boat by thankfully for us, Rayavadee is located right in front (or at the back, depending on where you’re coming from) of Railay. It’s actually called Rai-Leh (Leh meaning Island) but we tourist have butchered its name into becoming ‘Railay’ all over the internet. The tide when we came here in the late afternoon was very low, so low that we were able to walk alongside crabs and pick up tons of seashells.So we walked along Railay Beach at its low tide before going back to prepare for our much awaited dinner. This isn’t the end of Railay though, there’s still more to see in Part 3 where we will visit the little shops in Railay.

The Grotto

The Grotto nestles under an ancient limestone cliff on the edge of Phranang Beach. It was a dinner of a lifetime as we watched the sunset while sipping champange with delicious platters of food combined with great service, we were treated like VIPs! Spent the entire evening here just taking our time with the food and talking just like how I’ve always imagined.It was another amazing day spent in Rayavadee and totally get why Rayavadee is listed as one of the 48 Epic Dream Hotels to Visit Before You Die by Matador Network. The dinner was amazing, island hopping was fantastic and the service throughout was one of the best we’ve experienced. 2 more of my Bucketlist (and many to go, lol)!

On the next and last part of our Honeymoon Series, we’ll be shopping in Railay Beach and exploring the last beach on the map – Phranang Cave Beach.

Krabi 2017 Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee:
Part III
Part I

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  1. […] As the name suggests, Krua Phranang is located at Phranang Beach at the northern side of the resort. We got to have our quiet dinner by the beach overlooking the waves and watching crabs crawl on the sand while we sipped on our drinks. The service was absolutely amazing too and they made sure to set and change your cutlery after every dish.We had a beautiful first day spent in Rayavadee. If you like what you’ve seen on Part 1, wait till you see what’s in store for you in Part 2 of our Honeymoon in Rayavadee. Krabi 2017 Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee: Part III Part II […]


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