We are Home Owners: Secured Our Flat

After a four month wait, HDB informed us to come down to Toa Payoh Hub to sign the agreement of lease! Never been so happy to see 5% of our CPF deplete, anything for our beloved home!

There were lots of papers to sign. One in particular was quite scary; we were required to make a decision if we should have an equal share of the flat in case one of us passed on, HDB will pass sole ownership to the living partner if not, we will each have to write a will to whom you will pass the flat to etc. Eek. May God always take care of us and allow us to have long healthy lives together.

Also, take note to those of you who’ve already selected your units and paid the downpayment (in our case was $2000 for our 4Room), you will receive your money back only about a month later after HDB and CPF have processed your payment.

To our neighbours who haven’t receive the letter to sign the lease, not to worry as it will come soon!

So it will be another few months before we hear another news of our home. We’re still waiting for news of the construction company that will be building Canberra Eastlink and will definitely be keeping my eyes on ownhome.sg for the building progress of our block. Projected completion is said to be 2020 but its estimated that we’ll get to move in in 2019. The sooner, the better for me, can’t wait to finally see our home 4/5 years later (so long *sobs). At the meantime while HDB builds our home, we can plan our wedding. In 4 or 5 years, there may even be kids?

Till then, I’ll be documenting the journey to our home here on the blog. Contractors, design plans and furniture shopping, I don’t wanna miss any bit of it. You can read all about it on The Prashant Residence.

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