My Skin & Clarisonic

Hello there gorgeous! On this post, I’ll be updating you on my skin’s progress with the use of the Clarisonic Mia II.

I didn’t use my Clarisonic immediately after purchase because I was looking for a suitable cleanser to use with it. I was deciding on a new skincare regimen to suit my budget for the upcoming months and I’m very excited to find some gems that I’ll share soon. One of them is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel which I decided to give a go. Hence, here are the results of the pair.

On Week 1, my skin was still looking gross and all but it showed a little improvement from when I first shifted back home. It was ‘rebelling’ to the change of environment and due to it’s oily state, it was attracting dust from the vacant space that I’ve acquired. Cleansing with the Clarisonic did somewhat ‘tame’ my skin. Pores were somewhat unclogged but were still open (oily cheeks) and redness was still visible.

clarisonicwk2On Week 2 , one day after I had rinsed my face with water right after I’ve used the Clarisonic, I ran my fingers across my face and noticed my skin felt cleaner. I felt lesser bumps (clogged pores) under the skin and it felt less greasy from the first week. Redness from the pimples on the week before were reduced and the areas didn’t feel dry and flaky which was mostly the case before I used Clarisonic. So far, its looking pretty ok but scars and pores were still visible.

clarisonicwk3On Week 3, I had to apply topical eye creams for the styes on each eye every night for the whole week (I know right, FML moments) as I was preparing for surgery to remove them. I started to have little red bumps surfacing on my cheeks. Either the eye ointments were causing my skin to breakout or this was the “purging” stage that have been said you’d go through during your initial use of Clarisonic. Honestly though, I wasn’t as concerned about my face more than I was about my eyes at this stage, lol.

clarisonicwk4On Week 4, my skin looked smoother and visibly clearer! The size of the pores and redness reduced (but are still noticeable) and the scars from the pimples from the first week have gradually faded! If Week 3 was my purging stage then, it did clear out pretty quickly which is pleasantly surprising. When I run my fingers through my cheeks, it feels very smooth and my nose was so clean, it glowed, not the greasy kind of glow but the sparkling clean kind.

That’s it, I’m hooked! I’m really happy I got my Clarisonic. I use it every night with my new Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel purchase from Watsons on sale which I’m also loving and they make a great pair. I’ve started leaning more towards gel cleansers because foam cleansers dry out my skin while I cannot stand the sensation a cream cleanser leaves behind. Of course, you can use any cleanser of your choice along with your Clarisonic but I would suggest to not use scrubs with it as it may be way too harsh. Clarisonic brushes are gentle exfoliating gadgets which you can use every day so it isn’t necessary to use a scrub

I hope this report will help with your decision to purchase your very own Clarisonic. Do leave me comment if you have any questions, I’ll try my best to help.


Make Up Forever HD Skin Foundation

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