What is Micellar Water?

One of the products I’ve decided to change in my cleansing routine was the oil makeup remover. I’ve been using oil removers for years now and until I heard raves about this micellar water. My first reaction was – “Micellar Who?!”. If you’re out partying every other night and wish to just plonk yourself into bed without going through a ten step beauty regime (or if you’re just plain lazy), you’re going to love this French girls’ secret.

Micellar Water was created in France in the 90s because the hard waters found in many regions in France and Europe was proving to be too harsh on their skin. Hence, the micellar water was a God sent to the French women; gentle on your skin with non-irritating surfactants, able to remove stubborn makeup, quick and easy, cleanses and soothes the skin without using water, all with just a swipe of a cotton pad! In fact, it is so gentle that you can use it to remove stubborn eye makeup and lipstick too! It has been one of their best kept secrets until makeup artists and models started to rave and spill it out to the rest of the world…

Micellar Water

Micellar Water use to only be found in France but it got so popular that now it’s readily available to most countries including here in Singapore.

There are many French brands, luxury and drugstore, that carry micellar water. But I believe the particular brand that got the backstage of fashion shows reeling with excitement is Bioderma. It immediately rang a bell because I did try the Bioderma quite some time back when it wasn’t as readily available in Singapore as it is now, loved it, finished the small bottle and never had the guts to go back to that skin clinic again (read about my skin’s story).

Bioderma Sensibio Cleansing Micellar Water

Bioderma has micellar water for different skin types (even for babies too!) but I chose to go for the Sensibio H20 to play safe because I remembered how my skin didn’t react negatively to it. By chance, Watsons was having their member’s sale and I managed to get hold of the 500ml bottle.

How do I cleanse with Micellar Water?

First off, I should explain to you that there are various ways to remove makeup depending on the texture of the product so no, this isn’t a stupid question. Oil removers, cold creams and lotion may be remove by hands or cotton pad but micellar water will require the use of cotton pads. Allow me to show you how it works with my basic scientific knowledge. I know, science bores the shit out of me too. But in order to know how a product will benefit your skin, a little science won’t kill you.

Let me introduce to you Fatty Acid Ester. These little fellas have two ends – the Hydrophilic that likes water and the Lipophilic that attracts impurities, makeup, dirt, excess sebum and all that crap.

Micellar Water
Micellar Water

These Fatty Acid Esters combined are called Micelles. Cotton is hydrophilic so it attracts the Hydrophilic heads of the Fatty Acid Esters and leaves the Lipophilic tails sticking out. Micelles and cotton pads cleanses by acting like a magnet to the skin attracting impurities without the need for rubbing and harsh chemicals.

Here is a demonstration. I have purposely stained my hand with some of my stubborn makeup.

  1. Doublewear Maximum Cover – fantastic coverage but it is notoriously known to be a major bitch to remove.
  2. Heroine Makeup Eyeliner – ok, to be honest, this isn’t as difficult to remove as the rest but it usually requires a few swipes with an eye makeup remover to thoroughly disappear.
  3. Diorific Rouge Lipstick in Bingo / Roulette Red – my favourite red but sticks on to dear life on your lips and requires a good amount of your time to thoroughly remove.

Now we shall put Bioderma to the test!

Micellar Water
Micellar Water
Micellar Water

Amazingly, almost all of it came off with just one swipe! You can still see a bit of my Doublewear Max that has not been touched by my cotton pad and a little hint of red from my Diorific Bingo but they’ll come off with the next swipe. I normally use about 3 cotton pads (front and back) to remove a full face face of makeup so seeing how much makeup is already removed with a swipe on just 1 side makes me so proud of my Bioderma.

Do I need to rinse my face after cleaning with Micellar Water?

You can if you want to but it’s not necessary. My usual routine is to remove my makeup immediately when I get home with my Bioderma and just go on with my life till its time to go to bed, I will then wash my face with my La Roche Posay Effaclar with my Clarisonic.

Will you go back to using traditional oil/lotion/wipe removers?

Erm, I guess not. I’m really loving my Bioderma and will definitely make another purchase when it starts to run out.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my review and thoughts on the Micellar Water and didn’t bore you with my scientific explanations. Stick around for more updates on the products I’ve been using and stay beautiful.

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