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  • Wedding Perfume: Annick Goutal Rose Splendide

    Wedding Perfume: Annick Goutal Rose Splendide

    A long awaited purchase, I finally got my wedding perfume after months of contemplation. The perfume of choice for the grandest stage in my life goes to Annick Goutal Rose Splendide. This post will touch on: Why you should have a Wedding Perfume My Perfume Story with Annick Goutal Rose Splendide Fragrance Notes Unboxing and […]

  • Benefits of Kohl Kajal Eyeliner

    Benefits of Kohl Kajal Eyeliner

    I love kajal eyeliners. I was first introduced to them when I was learning Professional Makeup Artistry many moons ago. You’d be surprise by the many looks you can achieve with just one small dab of this stuff. Kohl eyeliner, also known as Kajal eyeliner, is essentially made from soot and other natural ingredients with a purpose of […]

  • Makeup Shelf Life

    Makeup Shelf Life

    Do you know that your makeup has a shelf life? I know some of you do but are guilty of keeping your products longer than you should. To avoid dirt from building up and infection, it is best to toss them out and get new ones. Here’s a chart of the shelf life of your […]

  • 10 Makeup Too Pretty to Use

    10 Makeup Too Pretty to Use

    Have you bought makeup that you end up just staring at because they are just too pretty to touch? These are 10 insanely beautiful products that you will put on display behind glass and never have the heart to use. 1. NARS Yachiyo Brush This reminds me of something mystical, like a brush spun by Gods. 2. Chanel […]

  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir

    Caudalie Beauty Elixir

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done a skincare report. A really long while actually. I’ve been meaning to share with you one of my favourite products since – Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Since I left Lauder last year and said goodbye to my readily available supply of the Advance Night Repair Serum, I’ve been searching high […]

  • Guerlain Meteorites & Terracotta

    Guerlain Meteorites & Terracotta

    Being a makeup junkie, I like to try on different products. But after all the switching and playing around, there are those that you will always fall back on. These are the two products that I have used and cheated on several times but somehow end up coming back to – The Meteorites and Terracotta […]

  • French Beauty Products

    French Beauty Products

    Since making a career change, I’ve been looking to change most of my skincare products. It was challenging looking for products that are affordable and can do a good job for my acne prone skin. Then, through more research, I came across the miracle of the French pharmacy products… Why French Beauty Products? You might […]

  • Personalized Brushes

    Personalized Brushes

    I haven’t changed my professional brushes since graduating from Cosmoprof Academy in 2012. Since then, I’ve tried using many different brushes besides the ones we were taught to use in school. Most I’ve picked up from work and some from friends and client’s personal brushes. But I admit, I couldn’t let go of my Cosmoprof […]

  • My Skin & Clarisonic

    My Skin & Clarisonic

    Hello there gorgeous! On this post, I’ll be updating you on my skin’s progress with the use of the Clarisonic Mia II. I didn’t use my Clarisonic immediately after purchase because I was looking for a suitable cleanser to use with it. I was deciding on a new skincare regimen to suit my budget for […]

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