Sahur’s Art Beauty: Vegan and Gluten-Free Makeup from Singapore

Sahur's Art Beauty: Vegan and Gluten-Free Makeup from Singapore

It’s been a while since I’ve done a makeup review and I’m kicking away the long hiatus with Singapore’s own, Sahur’s Art Beauty.

Sahur is a Singaporean Makeup Artist who has amassed a worldwide following by showing us her creative makeup looks and tutorials. I’ve been following her since her blogging days and was really happy to learn that she came up with her own makeup line.

I’ve been meaning to try out the Sahur’s Art Painter’s Palettes in particular because I’ve been looking for a pop of colour in an eyeshadow palette but it seems hard to find these days. Don’t get me wrong hun, I love me some natural, barely-there-makeup too but your girl wants main character energy ones in a while to perk me up and thankfully, I can achieve that with Sahur’s Art Painter’s Palettes.


Kiss Collection

Sahur's Art Beauty: Vegan and Gluten-Free Makeup from Singapore Kiss Collection

Comfort Matte

Colour: Belvedere

The way I would describe this colour, Belvedere, is a deep orange. I haven’t worn a matte lipstick in what seems like forever because I was battling eczema on my lips for a long while and we know how matte lipsticks looks on dry, cracked lips, eek. Since I’ve taken better care of my lips now, I took the plunge.

I was surprise that upon application, it was glossy and glided effortlessly and then it became matte! How brilliant! It is highly pigmented too and I only need 1 to 2 coats to cover my lips. Take a look at my Instagram posts and swipe to the end to see the video and you be the judge. I also didn’t expect to love this colour until I swatched it and omg, it is the most unique shade I own now. If you’re a lover of red shades and matte lipsticks, you will loveee this.

Glazed Crème

Colour: 1908

This colour is great if you are looking for a safe shade – a rosy tint with glossy coat. I’ll admit that I haven’t used this shade of colour in a long while, the last time I did, I was still working in the beauty industry circa 2013 – 2015. We were encouraged to use this shade as it universally suits almost every skin tone. So applying 1908 was quite nostalgic.

STARRY Painter’s Palette

Sahur's Art Beauty: Vegan and Gluten-Free Makeup from Singapore Starry Painter's Palette

The STARRY Painter’s Palette was the first product on Sahur’s Art Beauty to catch my attention. I love orange eyeshadow shades (Night Cafe, Cafe Terrace) especially applied to the crease of your eyes *chef’s kiss. It’s a wonder why there isn’t more palettes with them. Throw in a aquamarine (Self-Portrait), glittery royal blue (Irises) and glittery green (Over the Rhone) and I’m sold. The perfect palette for a night out and parties, not for the boring girl-next-doors.

MONA Painter’s Palette

Sahur's Art Beauty: Vegan and Gluten-Free Makeup from Singapore Mona Painter's Palette

Since I’ve had the MONA Painter’s Palette, it has been my go-to particularly for it’s more natural matte shades (Vitruvian, Principessa, Salvator, Anghiari). I’m waiting for an occasion to wear the deep turquoise (Supper) and the Barbie pink (Virgin) out. I was pleasantly surprise at how often I reached out for this over the other palettes I own as the matte browns (Vitruvian, Principessa, Isleworth) are so complimentary to my skin tone.

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