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CircleNDA helps you proactively manage your health by making better lifestyle choices. With your results, you can prevent and detect cancer and other diseases from genetics by utilising the most advanced WES Technology for results you can trust.

With this opportunity, I can also have a brief track of my family’s genetic history. I’ve always been curious about my heritage because it’s not as straight forward. All I knew was that my maternal grandparents were from Ceylon and that my paternal grandparents were from parts of the Indonesian/Malayan archipelago, nothing beyond that. So I was amused to see my Ancestry Report and hope I can dig more into it someday.

With the Circle Premium Kit, I was also amused that DNA can also determine my Success Traits where it states I’m Excellently Creative and Gifted in my Memory Skills! Omg, so its true, I tend to remember details of events that took place years ago, even from my childhood and I thought it was normal until I was told that it’s not, lol!

From these results, I’ve also learned that I’m at higher risks for high cholesterol (oh no, my fried chicken), lactose intolerant (which I’ve always suspected), I need more Vitamin D and E and I have to watch out for a handful of diseases especially related to flu and bones.


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