Online Shopping in Singapore: Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, Etsy, Carousell

Online Shopping in Singapore: Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, Etsy, Carousell

I’m an avid online shopper and I’ve purchased a lot of the things I have online. I love shopping but I’m also a very conscious shopper. I don’t mind spending a little extra on something I absolutely love and that will last me a long while. Bonus if they’re one of a kind and/or they are friendly to my wallet.

I get asked where I get certain things from and where I find bargains so I decided to share my review of some of my favourite online shopping haunts, their specialities and price comparisons. This list will not include clothing platforms as there are way too many of them and I will only cover platforms that I have experience shopping with so Chinese platforms such as Taobao will not be included. Please note that this is solely based on my personal experience.



Majority of my online purchases are from Shopee! It’s the easiest to use eventhough some of their prices can be more expensive than Lazada but for good reason. Frankly, unlike Lazada, I rarely get cancellations or disappointing purchases.

My usual purchases from Shopee are beauty products, clothes (they are of better quality than Shein and at a good price for the quality), European influence home decor and Baeley’s dog toys and other doggie stuff. Just like their direct competitor Lazada, Shopee has vouchers and sales every month.


I have to admit that I use to purchase from Lazada but have not shopped in there for quite a while. Many of their products are affordable and are usually cheaper than the other platforms but I have quite a number of bad experiences shopping on Lazada.

Their products can be a hit or miss and returns can be quite a hassle. It’s not common but I’ve encountered a few dishonest sellers. I encountered a seller who shipped a postcard instead of the vase I ordered and a few times, I’ve received products that didn’t look anything like the picture shown. It’s also quite common for some products to get cancelled halfway which sucks especially after you’ve waited for weeks and really looked forward to it. But when it’s a hit, it really is the best buy and at the best price.

A handful of my purchases are through Lazada especially home décor, cooking utensils, organisation and even beauty products. Just like their direct competitor Shopee, Lazada has vouchers and sales every month.


Amazon is not as widely use in Singapore like Shopee and Lazada probably because they don’t have as many vouchers and sales.

I go straight to Amazon for books as they have the best selection and I can even pre-order before it hits stores. Amazon is also a gem when you’re looking for Farmhouse decor and beauty products that you can’t find here but you have to check if they ship to Singapore which I’m glad most sellers do these days.


Etsy is a gem, its my favourite of the lot. If you love one-of-kind, handmade or authentic vintage products, you will most likely love and trust Etsy like I do.

I’ve gotten almost all of my personalised home decor from Etsy and I found a Children’s Book Illustrator to customise my Instagram Story Highlight Covers from Etsy too. I can personally chat with sellers to enquire about a product, they are almost always one-of-kind as they are either handmade or shipped from across the world. The downside? They are more pricier than the other shopping platforms and not every seller can ship to Singapore but when they do, it’s almost always worth the price and wait.


Carousell is the best place to find hand-me-downs and the only online platform you can barter with local sellers. Bonus points if you become a regular customer and made friends with some sellers.

I’ve found many breeders of succulents here and have even learned some pointers of how to care for my plants from them. Some sellers may even give free gifts with purchase or things they don’t need anymore. I also like that photos of products posted are literally what you see is what you get, flaws and all. The downside? Most sellers prefer to meet-up and it’s usually at their convenience. Just to be safe, try not to go alone and don’t meet at secluded areas.

Everyone has their own favourite online shopping platforms and there may be more Online Shopping Giants that will pop up in the future. I would love to know where is your favourite place to shop online?

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