World Farm Garden Centre at Jurong

I have been patronising World Farm at their Bah Soon Pah centre since I started getting into gardening. It was my go-to place for all my gardening essentials because it was only a few bus stops away from home. However, World Farm has shifted to Jurong permanently now since 1st April 2022 after operating at Bah Soon Pah Road for decades as the site will be developed for public housing.

World Farm Garden Centre at Jurong

I was a little sad to learn about the move. I was afraid it would be too far-in or at an inaccessible location and wondered if they would still carry some of my favourite plants and products so I took some time off to prepare for a long journey to the depths of Jurong only to discover how accessible it was! It’s just a short walk from Jurong East MRT, near IMM and Devan Nair Institute. Now I can have lunch, use the washroom and enjoy some aircon at the malls nearby (IMM, JEM and West Gate) before/after my plant shopping so I can have more time to make better purchasing decisions instead of worrying about the heat and urgency to pee.

Gardening World Farm Shopping
At the former World Farm at Bah Soon Pah with my Silver Lace Fern.

The Jurong nursery is much smaller than the one that use to be at Bah Soon Pah. I will miss the pond with giant lily pads, admiring the potted fruit trees (because they can’t fit into my small space), the endless rows or sun-loving flowers, the turkeys and the kampong vibe. In time, I’m sure World Farm at Jurong will be able to build a similar atmosphere.

Here are just some of the beautiful flowers at the new World Farm Jurong Nursery. The prices are still as affordable as they were before and they still carry the gardening products and most of the houseplants that were available at Bah Soon Pah.

World Farm Garden Centre at Jurong
World Farm Garden Centre at Jurong
World Farm Garden Centre at Jurong
World Farm Garden Centre at Jurong
World Farm Garden Centre at Jurong
World Farm Garden Centre at Jurong
World Farm Garden Centre at Jurong
World Farm Garden Centre at Jurong

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This is how accessible World Farm Jurong is to Jurong East MRT and other important amenities. Parking is also easier here and getting a Grab won’t be as much of a hassle. Looking forward to more trips to World Farm at Jurong.

World Farm, 2 Jurong Gateway, Singapore 608512
Tel: +65 6257 4437

Opening Hours:
0900 – 1900 (Daily)

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