The Scarlet Company 100% Natural Menstrual Health Tonic


As a woman with Endometriosis, the cramps that come with my periods can sometimes be unbearable. Since puberty, I swallowed pain killers every month in hopes of subsiding the pain. But as the years passed, I became immune to them. I stopped taking pain killers altogether after I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and became very conscious of my menstrual health. Pain killers don’t do much to alleviate any pain, be it a headache or cramps and I guess it is one of the side effects from taking them so often then that it has lost it’s purpose and contribute to a host of health issues. Now, I take a lot of rest and drink plenty of water right before and during my now 4 days cycle and try to stay away from really vigorous activities during this time.

Recently, I was introduced to The Scarlet Company by Renuka. Scarlet is a 100% natural health tonic for menstrual cramps, fatigue and PMS relief. It is a carefully crafted 100% natural blend of super herbs, chasteberry & wild yam to improve monthly menstrual experience and quality of life delivered to your door step to support long term health and it is backed by a 90 day guarantee so you can try it risk free.


Benefits of Scarlet


  • PMS & Menstrual Cramps
  • Swollen & Sore Breasts
  • Menopausal Discomforts
  • Irregular Cycles & Heavy Flow
  • Irregular emotions and anxiety


  • Reproductive Health
  • Energy Boost
  • Skin Detoxification
  • Improved Focus & Concentration
  • Vitality

How does Scarlet work?

  1. Enter your details and next estimated period date.
  2. A box of 8 bottles will be delivered to you every month, 10 days before your period is due.
  3. Store Scarlet in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.
  4. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, start consuming 1 bottle for 8, 16 or 24 days before your period is due.

Scarlet Women’s Tonic (8 bottles), S$69.90.

Menstrual pain and discomfort are caused by hormone imbalance. Scarlet naturally regulates your hormones to keep you energised, balanced and focused. Scarlet’s natural herbs can take 3-6 months to enjoy the full benefits and it is recommended to take Scarlet for as long as you feel improvements in your menstrual health. If you want to see how you feel from taking a break from Scarlet, you can manage your account by pausing your subscription. When you feel your discomforts return, just re-activate your subscription.

My Scarlet Experience

I’ve been taking a bottle of Scarlet tonic 8 days before my period is due for the past 3 months and I must say that it is a game changer. I have not been experiencing headaches, back aches and not even the slightest cramps for the past months! And might I add, it even tastes so good, I actually look forward to taking them. I have mine chilled before consumption, it tastes of fresh berries and you would never guess it’s a tonic drink at all.

Thank you Scarlet for bringing an all natural product to alleviate menstrual discomfort. It’s a God-send for women who had to suffer monthly like myself. Now, we no longer have to worry about our periods any more.

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The Scarlet Company

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