A Guide to Mason Pearson Brushes

What if there was a hair brush that will leave your tresses smooth, glossy, tangle-free and prevent split-ends without the use of any styling products? What if you learn that this brush can literally last you a lifetime and has been raved by many since the 1800s? What if you find out it costs $200, would you still buy it? I’m actually seriously considering it. “What, $200?! For a hairbrush?! Are you nuts?! Why so expensive?!”, I can almost hear you screaming.

A Guide to Mason Pearson Brushes

I’ve learned about Mason Pearson a long time ago, right about the same time I learn about Annick Goutal and Erno Laszlo Organic Sea Mud Soap pre-Instagram and Pinterest when I was still rummaging the shelves in libraries in search of the best beauty products that have ever grazed this earth. Back then, these products were as good as Myths & Legends to me because I’ve never seen or heard of them in my little country Singapore and I would dream of these mystical products hoping that someday, I would be rich and travel to purchase them.

Alas, 15 years later, I’m still not rich but a handful of those products on my wish list have since been available in Singapore. I would stand by the counter and admire them like you would at an art piece. I slowly started saving for them one by one. And one of those legendary purchases was my Annick Goutal Rose Splendid for our wedding. It cost me a bomb but it meant so much that I got to walk down the aisle in it, my 19 year old self would be tearing with pride if she knew. So I figured it’s time for my next purchase from that mythical wish list and the Mason Pearson Brush is calling out to me…

Why are Mason Pearson Brushes so expensive?


Mason Pearson is run by the same family for four generations. It has not changed much since 1885 and has retained it quality and status throughout the years. It has been dubbed as “the Ferrari of brushes”.


“We don’t want pushy PR. We can’t make enough brushes to capitalise on it, so what’s the point?”, says CEO Micheal Pearson to allure.com. Production is somewhere between 200,000 and 300,000 per year and they don’t give out freebies, send PR Kits to influencers or try to woo magazine editors with the latest models. The brand is more interested in production than product placement but yet world renowned hairstylists have a few Mason Pearson brushes in their arsenal, are the secret to beautiful manes on runways and are on the vanities of A-list celebrities.


The brush’s design has changed little since it was created in 1885. It still features a soft rubber pad that is thought to be easier on the hair which allows the bristles to gently massage the scalp triggering increased oil production, which gets distributed through the length of the hair through the natural bristles, which has given Mason Pearson the cult status.

Which Mason Pearson Brush is best for me?

A Guide to Mason Pearson Brushes

For Thin & Fine Hair

Pure Bristle

It’s still important to brush even though your hair may be thinning or falling but the Mason Pearson brush may ease that worry. Best for sensitive and fine hair that falls easily, the pure boar bristles will gently massage and stimulate the scalp as it brushes, allowing your hair to stay away from breakage.

For Normal & Thick Hair

Bristle & Nylon

The most popular brush out of all the choices. Best if your hair type falls somewhere in between normal to coarse/fizzy/difficult hair. Also great if you don’t wanna spend too much on the pure boar bristle brush but still want some because hey, what’s a Mason Pearson without the boar bristles? So it’s the best of both worlds.

It features a mixture of nylon and boar bristles which can help those who fall somewhere in between normal and coarse, difficult hair.

For Thick & Coarse Hair


Frankly, there were not as many reviews about the pure nylon bristles as there were on the other brushes but the few that I did find loved it just as much. Besides it being best for thick and coarse hair, this can be a good option for the vegan-friendly and Muslims because this one has no boar (aka pig, pork, babi, pandi, oink oink… what else can I add) bristles. It’s still made to brush in a way where it won’t tug or hurt your hair follicles so don’t worry about missing out on the benefits that Mason Pearson has to offer.

Is getting a Mason Pearson Brush worth the investment?

I know some of you may still think I’m crazy for wanting to purchase a $200 hair brush but think about this. Just brushing your hair with Mason Pearson can not only detangle, massage your scalp and add volume & shine, the brush can literally last you a lifetime compare to going to the salon for treatment every 3 to 6 months which can easily cost you more than $200. There is a popular story of a 80 year old grandma who’s been using her Mason Pearson brush since she was 8. Yes, that’s how bloody long it lasts guys, it can practically outlive you!

Ok, not like I’m a maths genius (in fact, I’m horrible at it) but let’s do some simple calculation. Lets say I go for a $200 Hair Treatment twice a year for the next 50 years of my life versus getting a Mason Pearson that I don’t have to worry about fizzy, tangled and damaged hair again.

$200 Hair Treatment x 2 x 50 = $20,000
$200 Mason Pearson Brush / 50 = $4

I’m only paying $4 a year to have beautiful, glossy, model-worthy hair compared to $20,000 on just treatments alone! Cut, wash and dying of hair is not even included yet. See how much you can save and you don’t need to purchase 101 lousy plastic, easily breakable static brushes that cause more damage to your hair than good.

A Guide to Mason Pearson Brushes

Also, it comes with a mini brush to take off hairs that get stuck to the brush to keep it clean and you no longer have to yank strands of hair off your brush again.

So what do you think, should I get one? Let me know your thoughts.

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