HDB BTO Key Collection

Finally, after 4 years of waiting we can collect our keys! Here are some tips I’d like to share with neighbours who probably have some of these questions like I did.Address:
HDB Hub, 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310480
Tel: +65 6490 1111 (Weekdays 0800 – 1700)

Important Notice: I suggest you arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time. If you miss your number, you will have to wait till they are done passing the keys to the other numbers before they come back to yours. Also note that you MUST purchase your fire insurance from ETIQA before taking your key collection queue ticket.

What You Need to Bring

Bring the original copy of these documents, of ALL members listed in the application.

  • Identity Cards of ALL members (including occupiers) listed in the application.
  • Marriage Certificate (original) if you are purchasing your home under the Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme and applied for the Additional CPF Housing Grant.
  • Birth Certificate (original) of your children, if they are below 15 years old or if you are buying the flat under the Third Child Priority Scheme.
  • Identity Cards of your parents if you are buying the flat under the Married Child Priority Scheme.
  • Certificate of Fire Insurance (purchase at ETIQA)
  • Completed GIRO Form if you are paying monthly loan installment partially or fully by cash.
  • NETS Card for payment.

You can also check your Key Collection Appointment Letter and they will inform you specifically what you need to bring based on your CPF balance.

Step by Step Process of Key Collection

HDB requires you to collect the keys to your home within 1 month from the date of the notice. If you are urgently unable to, visit HDB website > Go to My HDB page > Login with your Singpass to change the appointment date.

1) Purchase Fire Insurance from ETIQA

Location: Level 1, Counter 1 at HDB Hub Atrium.
It is a requirement to buy the fire insurance policy from ETIQA Insurance ($5.50) and you will be issued with a certificate of insurance. You MUST have this certificate on the SAME day of your scheduled appointment, BEFORE you register your attendance at the Reception counter or self help machine at HDB Hub Atrium.

A faster and fuss-free option is to purchase your fire insurance from http://etiqa.com.sg/hdbfire.

2) Register Your Attendance to Collect Queue Ticket

Location: Level 1, HDB Hub Atrium.
After you have obtained your ETIQA Fire Insurance, register your attendance to collect your queue number.

3) Sign Lease Agreement

Location: Level 1.
Once you Queue Number is called, the HDB officer will go through the paperwork for you to sign. You will be given a tax invoice to make payment for the conservancy charges (Level 3) before coming back to collect the keys and documents (Level 8).

4) Payment of Conservancy Charges

Location: Level 3.
Conservancy Charges are monthly payment for the maintenance of the common property of your estate such as cleaning, lifts, lights, etc. After making payment for the conservancy charges, bring the receipt back to level 1. Apply for Giro payment so if can automatically be deducted from your account to avoid for penalty charges.

5) Collect Your Keys

Location: Level 1.
Congratulations! The HDB officer will hand you your set of keys to your new home in a black A4 folio.

6) Open Utilies at SP Services.

Location: Level 2.
Final step is to open an account with SP Services to active water and electricity. This is a must even if you decide to switch electricity suppliers in the future. Do note that gas will not be activated; you will have to make another appointment with SP Services once you have your kitchen stove.

You can also make payment online before you come for your appointment and you can skip the waiting time at https://services.spservices.sg/#/openAccount

Important Notice: Remember to keep all the important documents as you may need to refer to them in the future.

Congratulations, you are now officially home owners! Time to visit your new home!

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