Genting 2016: Highland Getaway (Part I)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a travel post. The last place I’ve travelled before this was to Batam with Susu for a short girly trip. I’ve cut down on travelling plans due to our upcoming wedding in a few months (*gasp, it’s this year!) but hope that we’ll be able to travel every year again, this time as a married couple. For now, this trip to Genting came as a blessing because we really needed a break from work without too much of the hassle of planning out an itinerary. Plus, it’s my Mama’s favourite getaway whenever she needs to relax and she wanted us to tag along for her birthday.

I know it’s not anything fancy-shmancy as compared to more exotic destinations I’ve featured on Love Bella Vida before but travelling is about the experience, the company and about opening your eyes to new things. So what to do in Genting besides hitting the Casino? Read on and find out *winks.border
We arrived in Genting at about 5 in the morning and it was 18 degrees up there, bearable air-con temperature. We stayed in First World Hotel, awarded the Guinness World Records title for the largest hotel!
Self check-in counters were available in First World Hotel but it takes a while because you’d have to wait for an available room and quickly snag it before someone else does. There were many China tourists during the Christmas season and they won’t give you chance.
The room was small and the toilet here was very weird! There was no hanging racks available in the shower area so you had to open the door slightly, slip your hand through and grab your towel followed by your clothes discreetly. The toilets were more suitable for couples, not very family friendly. But they made up for it with takeaway coffee/tea sachets in zip lock bags and a great view.
borderWe took a long nap and freshened up just in time to explore the indoor Theme Park and have an early dinner.
Mama wanted to introduce us to her favourite buffet restaurant in Genting, Coffee Terrace. We were starving so we took our time to eat the many variety of cuisines that were available from Indian, Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Malaysian. I kept topping up on the Satay and their kuehs. There were even carollers to entertain the diners. We spent almost 3hours there just eating and talking!
The highlight of my day was visiting Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! They use to have a TV series of this when we were younger and before the internet came into our lives, I would hunt for the Guinness and Ripley Record books in libraries to amaze myself with the bizarre.
A piece of the Berlin Wall in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Genting.
Letters written to Mr Ripley.
These oversized gloves are replicas of gloves worn by Muhammad Ali, the only man to ever be the world boxing champion three times.
Willie Camper, a giant from Memphis, Tennessee, USA, measuring 8′ 5.5″ tall, could hold a doesn’t eggs in the palm of his hand! imagine the damage he would do if he slapped your face.
This giant Chippendale Chair belonged to the world’s tallest man, Johann Petursson of Iceland. He became quite wealthy and liked to decorate his home with fine furniture customized to fit both his budget and his 8′ 8″, 425 pound body.
Made by Len Hughes of Australia, this replica of St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow was made completely from common matchstick!
Left: The girl who was raised by wolves.
Right: A genuine shrunken head from a normal sized person for the Jivaro Indians of Ecuador to keep as trophies.
Covered with more than 20,000 24 karat gold plated Canadian pennies, this amazing vehicle is the handiwork of Ken Berkett. Although impractical because of it’s value, this car is completely operational.
Robert Ripley owned several cars but never learnt to drive.
Sit on the luckiest chair in the world and see if you strike jackpot at the casino!
Owney, a mongrel dog was the mascot of the Albany New York Post Office from 1888 to 1897, was the first dog to to circumnavigate the world alone, encircling the globe in 132 days! Travelling unaccompanied on the United States Post Offices Railway Mail Service, Owney journeyed 143,000 miles in 9 years and collected 1,107 post office baggage from the places he visited including Canada, China, Japan and Singapore.
Believe it or not, this plane is actually a coffin! The Ga people of Ghana, Africa often order designer fantasy coffins that reflect their occupation, status or achievement of the deceased. Other fantasy coffins owned by Ripley’s is one shaped like a lobster, eagle, an airplane and even a giant coke bottle!
We survived the entire experience and spent almost 3 hours in here too! We came out right when the place was closing. We’re such freaks.borderEnded the day with a dragon ride. It was my idea, since it was still open and there wasn’t much else to do at the time. Our dragon gave us a aerial view of the indoor theme park was mostly closed already.
borderThat was our first day in Genting’s First World Hotel Indoor Theme Park. Tune in for the next part of our Genting Highland Getaway to learn what else you can do (and eat) in Genting besides gambling. Actually, a little gambling won’t hurt, just don’t get addicted. But if you do, don’t blame it on me okay, I just thought since you’re here anyways, just try for the experience. Ok, better sign off now.

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