Staycation at Quincy

ABM_1412527710My darling Shine and myself spent a lovely weekend at The Quincy Hotel to celebrate my 29th birthday. We had a lovely time and were so happy with the service and amenities, I wanted to share our experience here.

Upon entering our room, I was amazed at how compact yet spacious the layout was. It is roughly the size of a master bedroom of a 4/5 room HDB (ok, maybe a little bigger) but it didn’t feel as claustrophobic.
2014-10-06-02-15-21_deco2014-10-06-02-08-03_deco2014-10-06-02-11-02_deco2014-10-06-02-14-25_deco2014-10-06-02-08-58_deco2014-10-06-02-10-25_decoThe glass separated the room from the toilet for a more intimate atmosphere (hmmm… kinky ah… naughty naughty…) and allows you to take a bath without missing your movie or in Shine’s case, his soccer match. But if you’re uncomfortable being watched while you’re taking a dump or if you’re staying over with Ah Kong and Ah Mah, you can always bring down the blinds for some privacy.

The other thing I liked was the sliding door of the bathroom that acts as the wardrobe door too. So if you wanted to use the bathroom and slide the door closed, it’ll reveal the wardrobe and vice versa. Very innovative.

By the way, the drinks are all complimentary! That includes the beer!

2014-10-06-02-23-50_decoI thought the lift lobbies were very chic clubby looking too.

2014-10-06-02-11-31_deco2014-10-06-02-04-22_decoThey provide all day dining by Dean & Deluca and Modestos! That is enough to make my inner fat girl run down to eat. I ate two plates full of pasta omg so delicious, I couldn’t stop myself (#pbg). They also provide free evening cocktails for two, I liked the menu design, too cute.

2014-10-06-02-20-02_deco2014-10-06-00-44-05_deco2014-10-06-02-18-00_decoThis is the smoking/cocktail area. You can also spot my lazy Papabear.

PicsArt_1412566397963Eh… I didn’t exactly know what these are for but their sparkly glass deco attracted my attention and noticed they were placed in front of the toilets so I’m guessing they’re male and female toilet signs!

Back at the room, I was pleasantly surprised by this…
2014-10-06-02-13-06_deco2014-10-06-11-38-07_decoThank you Papabear! You always go out of your way to make me happy, I love you so much.

2014-10-04-21-19-32_decoWoke up the next morning excited because I was looking forward to swimming! But first…

2014-10-06-02-17-12_decoBreakfast to start the day.

2014-10-06-02-22-01_deco2014-10-06-00-41-51_deco2014-10-06-02-23-02_deco2014-10-06-00-43-01_decoThe pool is located at the 12th floor of the hotel overlooking the city. Great alternative from the exuberant price per night at Marina Bay Sands. We managed to swim on the floats that were provided (once again, my lazy bear was caught lazing). Towels and refreshments were also provided at the mini bar for free! Movie screening by the pool at 9pm on weekends too but I was more excited to swim and soak in the tub so we didn’t catch the movie lol, mermaid behaviour.

Overall, I would say I really loved our staycation at Quincy and would definitely come back here again! Maybe next time we’ll stay longer and maybe I’ll catch the movie by the pool and use the sauna.2014-10-06-02-05-30_deco

Quincy is based under the Far East Group and is voted Traveller’s Choice on Tripadvisor in 2013. An all round young couple, family friendly place suitable for local Singaporeans for a weekend getaway and definitely worth the price and stay for tourists. Paying for your stay in Quincy will grant you all access to the facilities and condiments inclusive of Wifi, drinks, food, etc. Don’t forget to share your experience on Instagram with #QuincyHotel.

The Quincy Hotel, 22 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore(228517)

Tel: +65 6738 5888

Planning your next staycation @ Quincy Hotel?

Quincy Hotel

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