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  • The Wedding Ceremony

    The Wedding Ceremony

    It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the big day is finally here. Our jouney to this day was not an easy one, we had to go through many hurdles to be together. I believe fate led us to each other and it’s funny how people from two different backgrounds can fall in love and become […]

  • Our Wedding Thank You Note

    Our Wedding Thank You Note

    It’s been a while to really collect ourselves and let everything sink in. We are still waking and wondering, “Holy shit, it actually happened.” It has been an emotional journey, one that has brought moments of hurt and indecision, but an overwhelming amount of triumph and joy. In truth, it might have been possible without […]

  • Our Wedding Photoshoot

    Our Wedding Photoshoot

    Photography by Thomson Wedding Collection Design by Isabelle Rosta A message from him. Visit our Wedding Photoshoot Album for the full set. Reference: The Wedding Story Wedding Photoshoot Album Thomson Wedding Collection

  • Wedding Countdown: Six Months to #MrMrsPrashant

    Wedding Countdown: Six Months to #MrMrsPrashant

    Can you believe that it’s 6 months to the wedding already. We’re not talking in years now, we’ve progressed into months *gasp. Here’s a list of stuff we’ve done so far. Booked our Bridal Boutique – Thomson Wedding Collection. Booked our Reception Venue – Fullerton Hotel Singapore. Bridal Party  revealed – My Bridesmaids. Bridal Party […]

  • Wedding Countdown: One Year to #MrMrsPrashant

    Wedding Countdown: One Year to #MrMrsPrashant

    Exactly a year from today, I will be Mrs Prashant! I don’t know if a year is still a long way but planning our wedding has been one of the biggest headaches projects we’ve ever had to put together thus far. Although we still have a year, we have settled some of the major aspects […]

  • The Bridal Boutique: Thomson Wedding Collection

    The Bridal Boutique: Thomson Wedding Collection

    We did it, we signed with Thomson Wedding Collection! If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you would’ve already known this a lot earlier. I’m quite surprised that the process of signing with TWC was fairly easy and came quite naturally for someone as fickle, cautious and hesitant as me. I guess I’ve […]

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